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Hocus Pocus is Close!


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Today, we have a piece of sad new... after about 2.5 months of Hocus Pocus and 211k of NS... struggling to build up this alliance, threats from other alliances... and get protected by our very kind brothers in farkistan... we are now will close this alliance (disband) with full of joy and all the best to all my fellow members of Hocus Pocus... and our allies from Octava orden, Amazon Nations and Filipino Heroes... nice to have you guys as our ally... best of luck! ^_^

Govt of Hocus Pocus.

P.S: we are still protected by Farkistan for the next 72 hours.

Hail FARK!




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I overheard this on the radio waves from your alliance recently:

Hocus pocus, flippity flam, a razzamatazz and alakazam!


Guess that spell went wrong, eh Marginali?

Good luck to you all, wherever you go.

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It is sad to see you all go, you were very good allies to us and we owe you. If any of you wish, we will protect you until you find a new home when the time with Farkistan runs out. We will also gladly accept any of your former members if they wish to join.

o/ Hocus Pocus

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Sad to see you guys are shutting down. I hope this doesnt seem like graverobbing and Im sure you all have your own plans but... the Grand Lodge is pretty nice place to live. Its still small enough to be cozy but big enough to meet all your needs. Link is in my sig.

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