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A word of warning


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Recently we were hit by several rogues, under the AA of "Sylvania Lamark Alliance"

These rogues have been involved in several tech deals with a multitude of alliances. I'm sure you all did not know you were dealing with a potential rogue, but I'd advise you all not to deal with them, as

A ) Highly doubt you will get your tech back

B ) You're aiding nations at war with us

I welcome you all to the bonfire we're having, pick a target and have fun


Thank you for your time

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lol. I was recruiting last night and ran into a bunch of these guys (a lot of new nations amirite?). I just find it funny they all went rogue.
lol. yeah, not to mention they all kinda went rogue together too. lol

Interesting hmmm... nations 8-10 born and allied and rogue together at nearly the same times... hmmm.... :P

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Swatz Hitler ghosted the AA of Kronos but is not a member. He has scammed aid from two members of other alliances, and Kronos will take action if we are able to (2,000 NS isn't exactly in our range).

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To: nippy From: Diplomat North Date: 8/30/2009 3:02:11 AM

Subject: Tech sell

Message: Hello my i offer sell u tech 3m/100 if so get back with me,

It may be just me, but I don't do tech deals with guys that send out messages resembling [OOC] Nigerian phishing scams [/OOC]. Good luck getting your money back, dooders.

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