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Uniting the Sun

Sarah Tintagyl

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Kyoto was a filled to the brim with Japanese citizens who waved flags from Yamato, Neo-Japan, Imperial Insignias, and above all the Hanseatic banner flew higher than all of them. It was indeed a monumental occasion, for the first time in a long time, at least since the reign of the Neo-Japanese for a time, Japan was on the threshold of unification. It seemed like forever, that various ethnicities had claimed the home islands, but now, once again, the term Japanese could be used for everyone on the islands. One true ethnicity that could be announced to the world. In addition to this happiness, they were joined by Finns, Cymeag, and Russians who were happy for another reason. Any chance of Purism had been stomped out, Japanization was over and Kyoization was ended in the north. In the main square of the city, happiness was overflowing, the promise of a bring future, a strong future, and a unified Commonwealth. This marked another peak in the rising power of the Hanseatic Commonwealth.

Sarah leaned back in the limousine as the pulled down the streets towards the square that filling up with people. In addition to the city square, citizens were lined up on the streets of Kyoto, waving flags and throwing flowers onto the streets as the motorcade passed by. Slowly Sarah put down the window and forced her head out into the cool Japanese sun. She waved back to the crowd and caught the flowers in her hands as she smiled back to her people. The Japanese had come a long way since the annexation to embrace their blonde haired, blue eyed empress, but the islands had prospered dramatically under the Hansa. The steel industry boomed, technology sectors brought some of the newest devices that could be purchased to people in Brisbane, Borneo and Vladivostok, and Japanese culture had fit perfectly into the Hanseatic puzzle of humanism and diversity. This truly was the golden age.


As the motorcade finally pulled into the square, Sarah closed the window and leaned over to grab her speech. It was finally time, finally time to reunify the islands. She stepped out of the limousine and smiled to the people around her as she ascended the stairs to the podium, facing the thousands of people that instantly began to quiet down as their Lady Protector took a deep breath to begin.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Japan, the Hansa, and the world.

First I would like to send congratulations to my Japanese brothers and sisters. For the first time since the time in the Neo-Japanese regime, the Home Islands have been unified. This is a monumental occasion that is nothing less than a giant step for the future of Japan and the future of the Hansa as a whole. At this point, the world once again has a Japan for the Japanese. The separation of ethnicities is no more and people can finally live in peace. Recently there have been many problems concerning the stoppage of policies of Japanization and Kyoization. However, for as dear to these policies as you were. Our Russian, Finnish, Marchar, and Cymeag brethren here today are able to live in peace just as you can do now.

There is no doubt in my mind that Japan is one of the finest sparkling jewels of the Commonwealth, and you will only shine further in the coming months and years. Your economy is booming, your culture thrives around the world, and our power through unity is supreme. I once said that with the heartiness of the Hanseatic people, we had entered into a Golden Age of prosperity. But now our Commonwealth stretches across the Pacific. We are benevolent, allowing for independence. We are thoughtful, providing a voice of peace and stability in the region. We are strong, and we will never give up the principles that make us Japanese, Marchar, Finnish, Russian, Cymreag...the principles that make us Hanseatic.

I owe my existence to you my brothers and sisters, as I owe the prosperity of this country and to further our prosperity, Japan from this day forward will never be divided again. I announce, that the Hanseatic Commonwealth will be annexing our protectorate of the Southern Japanese Islands once held by the defunct government of Yamato. Ladies and Gentlemen, let this be yet another milestone in our quest to build a stronger and peaceful world.

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The Kingdom of Cochin congratulates the Hanseatic Commonwealth and its esteemed Lady Protector Sarah Tintagyl for attaining the Unification of Japan. It must surely be the wishes of the Japanese people to be one people again under such a splendid form of governance.

Our King, His Highness Rama Varma offers his personal message of congratulations on this joyous occasion.

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Zargathia released the following reaction to the Hansaic media.

"The people of Zargathia wish to congratulate the Hansaic Commonwealth and Miss Tintagyl with the Unification, which can be seen as a prime example of what mutual cooperation between the people of the different cultures gathered under its banner are able to achieve. We wish you luck in your endeavors to set an example to the rest of the world to set aside their differences, and start working together for a common goal."

At the bottom of the faxed copy sent to Sarah, there was a small scribble in handwriting:

"Way to go!

Amy ;)"

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We have always maintained a policy of freedom for people that do not wish to be under our rule, however, Japan has only prospered under Hanseatic leadership and will continue to do so in the coming years. If you will notice, Belarus, was given its recent independence. Our Northern Russian Provinces are now home to an enclave of Norse settlers, Hanseatic Polynesian holdings are being transfered to New Zealand and Prussia due to their ethnic backgrounds, and we even allowed the people of Aiginor to secede from our rule peaceful just because they requested it.

Colonialism Your Excellencies? Perhaps, but I do not consider myself a despot. Japan will be released when the Japanese desire to be released, just as Borneo, just as all our colonial holdings. However at the time, no such government has come to responsibly lead these people. It is our duty, as given to me by Emperor Ryuike (OOC: Sorry Frost) that the Hansa is to protect this area from anarchy and instability, which we have done to a superior degree.

When the time comes, Japan will be lead by the Japanese. However I would like to point out, that the Hanseatic policy of provincial rights already adheres to this. All are equal in our Diet, all races, all ethnicities. But nevertheless, I will keep a sharp eye out for a true successor to Japan.

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