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No man (or Ducky) shall stand alone! A Protectorate inside.

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The Quackity Pactity


WHEREBY the Independent State of Militaria, wishing to take a nice peaceful bubble bath. seeks protection from military intervention from external parties,

ACKNOWLEDGING the long-standing mutual friendship based on trust, respect and history between the Militaria and the Rubber Ducky Division as well as a mutual love of all things that quack,

HERETO FORTHWITH the Rubber Ducky Division will take the Independent State of Militaria under their wing(s) and provide protection, cookies and punch until the cancellation of this Pact.

Signed for the Rubber Ducky Division,

Augusta Antonia, Triumvirate

RoseBlood, Triumvirate

Tongo, Triumvirate

Signed for the Independent State of Militaria,

Solidus117, Commandant

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