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  1. Wow, you actually have no way of actually making that convincing. You just sound like a liar, now, I am going to prove you wrong through my experiences: 1) How do you know he will not do better? You have no proof that he does or does not do better then the last ruler. Opinion, opinion. Use some facts for once instead of your running tongue. 2) You love TGE more than what I think? Really? So explain why you leave and always come back then leave again. And to be honest, you don't seem like you are sad to see these things happen. Yea, and you love TGE; nice story. 3) I was never forced, I left
  2. Sorry Chris for not posting faster. As an old TGE member, I congratulate Chris (As should everyone out of respect *Looks at Ferd*). I also believe that he can turn things around. Also, Chris is and will do much better than Victoria. o/TGE o/Chris ~Ivan P.S. Hey Mack, PM me would'ja? I would like to talk to you, old TGE member to another. (If I don't get back fast enough, sorry) P.S.S Before you trollers try to rip me apart, I left TGE because of Victoria, so don't trying "Ripping one on me".
  3. Glad this is over, now I go back to doing whatever it was before this >.>
  4. So if this hasn't been said good, if so, sorry for the repeat: So if we 'bluffed' once, why did you believe us and take us seriously the seconded time? I understand that threats can go a long way sometimes, but is it not time to use common sense with this type of threat? Thus, this whole "DF condemns this action" is pointless (In my opinion) and stupid. Yea, laugh at both of us. Doesn't bother us.
  5. If BelAir just squashed this petty alliance, thank you. I couldn't stand their DoE anyways. And TGE is has more puerto ricans then you! No just kidding, I actually don't know.
  6. Don't Communists get it? Communism doesn't work >_> [ooc]If you really want to impress me, make a "United Communist Alliance Comity" where you make a forum, get your leaders to go there. Kinda like a RL UN. [/ooc]
  7. Great job! Now, someone told me there would be cookies in this meeting....
  8. I would actually have to say that a theme is important. Your theme gives a peek of what your alliance is and what it can do. Your theme also can make your alliance memorable, like MK (Mario), Athens (History), New Sith Order (Sci-fi and Star Wars). All of these will be remembered by everyone. Mostly because of the theme and people in charge. So, if you: a) Are a good leader, +1 because you could lead your alliance to victory of some sort c) Have a good theme, another +1 because if it's good, you may have a memorable alliance I hope I made a little sense here >.> <.<
  9. We need more Ivan Moldavi quotes.
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