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GDI Surrenders to Dynomite Pact.


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...Sitting at an elongated table, the 5 leaders across from RyanGDI had begun to come to a turning point. After they laid out term after term, they negotiated and debated Ryan about the fairness of each. Finally, on the last term Ryan had agreed to Cease Hostilities until he and his government could come to a consensus over his surrender.

That was last night. The terms offered to GDI have been accepted and thus, the Dynomite Pact declares MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED!

Dynomite.jpg Graphic courtesy of Tarikmo.

The terms accepted by GDI were as follows:

a. AA; RyanGDI, Hummer195, and Lordliam must switch their AA to that of "Dynomite POW" for the next ten days, they will be protected by GDI during the duration of this term.

b. Tech Deals; RyanGDI and Hummer195 will be required to complete 5 cycles of tech deals to Jayovfennay, MegaAros, the AUT, SpiderJerusalem, and Astronaut Jones at a rate of 3mil/100tech. This will take place whenever Dynomite so chooses.

c. Tech Raids; The entire alliance of GDI cannot tech raid for the next 14 days. Anyone found tech raiding will be warned on their first offense, however if they commit a second offense or do not declare peace after the first offense, they will find themselves in an immediate state of war with the Dynomite Pact until the end of this term.

d. !@#$%*^; 'nuff said.

e. Billy Mays; RyanGDI must make a tribute commercial to Billy Mays about a product with the word "Dynomite" in it, including at some point the names "Jofna, MegaAros, SpiderJerusalem, the AUT, and Astronaut Jones"

(Oh, and to anyone who whines that we somehow had forced an OOC term upon him, this was the only term that was suggested by Tarikmo. Upon seeing it Ryan was excited and decided to do it. He could have taken it as a joke if he so chose, however he has actually decided to do this. So, to anyone who tries to report this on some stretched out cause, welcome to my eugor list.)


RyanGDI will be posting the youtube link to his video soon in this thread, and don't worry if you end up missing it, it'll be linked to my sig for atleasts a year. ;)

Thank you for being a good sport about this Ryan.

Also: Logs to be dumped sometime very soon.



the AUT (The playa)

Astronaut Jones (The ballaholic, straight outta Compton)

MegaAros (Yea Boi!!1!)

SpiderJ (Buttercup !@#$%^!)



EDIT: Loggy logs.

3* RyanGDI[GDI] (RyanGDI@6228365E.2EE0A381.8EC52195.IP) has joined #dynomite

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Hey

<&MegaAros> Snaps

<Jofna[bUSY]> Alright guys, hold on wait for Tarik a second.

<Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<&MegaAros> Ryan has to say I'm cool.

<&MegaAros> Lawl

<RyanGDI[GDI]> k

<Jofna[bUSY]> IN HIS BIO :D

<RyanGDI[GDI]> You're cool :P

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Sure, whatever

<Jofna[bUSY]> Alrighty guys

03* TokugawaMitsukuni[TSI] (tokugawami@coldfront-E553ADDD.bstnma.east.verizon.net) has joined #dynomite

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'd say that regardless of terms and what-not

03* tarikmo[NpO] (chatzilla@coldfront-6A527A8B.mco.bellsouth.net) has joined #dynomite

<&TheAUT-Away> I invited Toku

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> gdi has to sell me tech. 3m for 100.

<&TheAUT-Away> and as you know Tarik is supposed to be here

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Yeah bs

<RyanGDI[GDI]> You're not getting that

00-> *chanserv* aop #dynomite add tarikmo[npo]

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Heck, you aren't even in the duel AJ

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> I gave tarikmo aop

<Jofna[bUSY]> =_=

<&MegaAros> lmao

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> ryangdi: yeah, but I need tech

<Jofna[bUSY]> Ryan 3/100 is standard

<&MegaAros> ^^

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I know

<RyanGDI[GDI]> But he doesn't get terms

<&TheAUT-Away> If he doesn't get terms

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Because he's not a participant :P

<&TheAUT-Away> Neither will you

<Jofna[bUSY]> As a member of Dynomite Pact he is entitled.

<Jofna[bUSY]> AUT, shush :3

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> ryangdi: plus it helps out gdi.

<Jofna[bUSY]> Be nice to de guestz

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> and i have 4 free aid slots now.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> So I could have every member of the GDI lay out surrender terms if we were to win?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> 29 individual requests?

<Jofna[bUSY]> Sure

<&TheAUT-Away> If you were to win?

<Jofna[bUSY]> If you are to win you may do so.

<Jofna[bUSY]> :)

<&TheAUT-Away> Have you bumped your head man!

<&MegaAros> Yes

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'll keep that bookmarked

<Jofna[bUSY]> Good

<RyanGDI[GDI]> :P

<Jofna[bUSY]> As for now, let's discuss terms.

<&TheAUT-Away> I don't think we should

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Go on...

<Jofna[bUSY]> First and foremost, don't reject anything until the end.

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan doesn't know when to stop talking trash even when I beat his $@!

<Jofna[bUSY]> AUT, he has the right to atleast know xD

<&TheAUT-Away> No surrender

<Jofna[bUSY]> Just let him know =_='

<Jofna[bUSY]> Alright, first;

<&MegaAros> lol

<Jofna[bUSY]> AA switch;

<Jofna[bUSY]> RyanGDI, Hummerland, Arkeanon, and Lordliam will go to Dynomite Pow AA for 7 days.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Ark isn't in the war.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> <_<

<Jofna[bUSY]> I know, but he was supposed to be.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> He was pulled out, remember?

<&MegaAros> >_>

<Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<Jofna[bUSY]> He should have been ready in the first place.

<Jofna[bUSY]> You want him out?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> He already was out

<RyanGDI[GDI]> OWF proof, you said it yourself

<Jofna[bUSY]> We can remove him from terms themselves if we bump up the time spent on the AA to 10 days.

<Jofna[bUSY]> And I know

<&TheAUT-Away> This kid is so damn $@y, ugh

<Jofna[bUSY]> But he was still supposed to be.

<&TheAUT-Away> I'm going to go for awhile

<Jofna[bUSY]> =_=

<RyanGDI[GDI]> AUT: <_<

<Jofna[bUSY]> Either way, Ryan we can revise to:

<Jofna[bUSY]> Hummer, Liam, and RyanGDI stay on the AA Dynomite Pact for 10 days.

<Jofna[bUSY]> Is this more reasonable to you?

<Jofna[bUSY]> I don't understand why the light term would be your problem.

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> nice

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Or Ark in and it stays for 7

<Jofna[bUSY]> I suppose.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'll take it in

<Jofna[bUSY]> Whichever you prefer

<Jofna[bUSY]> I don't really mind.

<Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<Jofna[bUSY]> Next off"

<RyanGDI[GDI]> k

<Jofna[bUSY]> 5 cycles of tech deals between GDI and Dynomite pact.

<Jofna[bUSY]> This allows for growth and rebound on both of our parts

<Jofna[bUSY]> And allows people like Liam and Hummer to grow back to original size

<Jofna[bUSY]> And for you to regain that warchest of yours and fund your nation.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Liam's got 3m/50s arranged for him

<RyanGDI[GDI]> But Hummer's alright for it

<Jofna[bUSY]> Alright, so you'd be cool with this term?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> As for me

<&TheAUT-Away> Look, Ryan, you are in no position to dictate anything

<&MegaAros> Ah.

<Jofna[bUSY]> He has a bit of give, AUT.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> It wouldn't grow a warchest, it would grow tech :P

<RyanGDI[GDI]> And this isn't Versailles

<Jofna[bUSY]> Well, to do with it as you would

<Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan if this was Versailles

<Jofna[bUSY]> You think these are strict?

<Jofna[bUSY]> lol

<RyanGDI[GDI]> No

<&TheAUT-Away> I wouldn't put you on the rail train

<&TheAUT-Away> I'd throw you under it

03* TheAUT-Away sets mode: +o Jofna[bUSY]

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'm saying this isn't an unnegotiatonable discussion

<@Jofna[bUSY]> I know

<@Jofna[bUSY]> That's why I'm giving you some control

<RyanGDI[GDI]> As AUT's trying to make it as

<RyanGDI[GDI]> That's all

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Still, basic guidelines must remain.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Alright

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Now, if you are fine with the tech deal rule allow me to move on to the third and "final" term

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Any remaining terms?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> One, besides the MegaAros bio thing.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> >>

<RyanGDI[GDI]> lol

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'll do that right now

<@Jofna[bUSY]> This can be considered the most "harsh", if you will so choose to call it that.

<&TheAUT-Away> You have to post a lovely rendition of I'm a little teapot

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> i wanna see some !@#$%*^

<@Jofna[bUSY]> But it only lasts a certain amount of time, so keep an open heart:

<@Jofna[bUSY]> No, no AUT, not that one

<@Jofna[bUSY]> >_>

<&MegaAros> lol

<@Jofna[bUSY]> ANd AJ: Save it for SpiderJ >_<

<@Jofna[bUSY]> The term I was talking about was:

<&TheAUT-Away> I wanna see that tea glisten!

<@Jofna[bUSY]> c. Tech Raids

<RyanGDI[GDI]> http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=203455

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> and d. !@#$%*^

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Tech raiding initiated by RyanGDI, Hummerland, and LordLiam will no longer be allowed for the next 30 days.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Nope

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Time is negotiable, term itself is not.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Ryan, think about this, how much damn tech raiding do you really do at your level?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'm thinking different

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Hmm?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> How different?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> The entire alliance doesn't tech raid for a week

<@Jofna[bUSY]> 2 weeks.

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> !@#$%*, you ain't apple

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> you can't think different

<@Jofna[bUSY]> xD

<RyanGDI[GDI]> mmmkay

<&TheAUT-Away> This ain't Burger King

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Alright so the final result being:

<&TheAUT-Away> You can't have it your way

<RyanGDI[GDI]> lolz

<@Jofna[bUSY]> a. RyanGDI, Hummerland, and LordLiam must switch their AA to Dynomite POW for 10 days.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> b. RyanGDI and Hummerland will initiate 5 cycles of tech deals with members of the Dynomite Pact.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> c. No member of the Global Defence Initative may tech raid for 14 days.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> d. !@#$%*^.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> lol

<RyanGDI[GDI]> One minute, I'll brb

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Sorry

<&TheAUT-Away> I bet it's to attack me

<&TheAUT-Away> That dirty kid

<@Jofna[bUSY]> XD

<&MegaAros> lol

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Next comes the fun part:

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Does RyanGDI, sovereign leader of the Global Defence Initiative, agree to this end to the Dynomite Pact, GDI conflict?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> If so we get to post a new announcement. :D

<RyanGDI[GDI]> loll

<&TheAUT-Away> Say I do

<RyanGDI[GDI]> *lol

<&TheAUT-Away> So that you can then kiss the terms

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Screw that

<&MegaAros> :|

<@Jofna[bUSY]> >:D

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Not the terms

<RyanGDI[GDI]> :P

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Wait, what?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I don't mean I reject the terms

<@Jofna[bUSY]> o.o

<&TheAUT-Away> You saying you wouldn't marry Jofna if you had the chance?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I mean I reject kissing them

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Hell no

<&TheAUT-Away> That's an OOC attack

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Where the hell did you come up with that?!

<@Jofna[bUSY]> >__< KISS 'EM DAMN IT

<RyanGDI[GDI]> No wai


<@Jofna[bUSY]> PRINT OUT

<&MegaAros> OOC

<@Jofna[bUSY]> KISS

<&MegaAros> OOC

<@Jofna[bUSY]> MAIL

<&MegaAros> WHAT THE $%&@

<@Jofna[bUSY]> ???

<@Jofna[bUSY]> PROFIT.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> That's not on the terms

<&TheAUT-Away> Because Ryan, like terms

<RyanGDI[GDI]> :P


<&TheAUT-Away> You must read between the lines

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Oh wait

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Section D

<RyanGDI[GDI]> How the hell does that work?

<&TheAUT-Away> Grab a pic from google

<@Jofna[bUSY]> haha

<&TheAUT-Away> Also d. was kind of a joke :P

<@Jofna[bUSY]> That was a joke

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Yeah

<&TheAUT-Away> It's not an actual term, lol

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Can't OWF d

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Or you could eat a lot of pudding

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Hmm

<@Jofna[bUSY]> And grow man-boobs

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Give me a little while

<&TheAUT-Away> Pic of Michael Jackson

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'll think of a humorous term

<&TheAUT-Away> In the Jackson 5

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Something interesting

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Because frankly, it does lack the GOONSness that you were talking about earlier :P

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Ryan must sing "Never gonna give you up" on youtube and post the term

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :P

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I can't sing worth !@#$

<@Jofna[bUSY]> I know

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :ehm:

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'd probably kill a dozen people

<RyanGDI[GDI]> At least

<@Jofna[bUSY]> I know

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :ehm

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Even better.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Hmmm

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Up for it?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> IRON did a review on different beers

<@Jofna[bUSY]> -_-'

<@Jofna[bUSY]> That was boring.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> <tarikmo[NpO]> Can Ryan do a MJ dance?


<RyanGDI[GDI]> I need to do a review on mountain bikes vs trick bikes... Top Gear style

<@Jofna[bUSY]> e.e

<@Jofna[bUSY]> What about Tarik's term?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Sounds boring, but not if you understand

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Nah

<RyanGDI[GDI]> One sec

<@Jofna[bUSY]> hmm

<RyanGDI[GDI]> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_KIqdS1SO0

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Something like that

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Watch towards the end

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Ryan must write a 15 line poem along the lines of how awesome Dynomite is

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I could do that

<@Jofna[bUSY]> <tarikmo[NpO]> Ryan doing a commercial about oxiclean would be great



<@Jofna[bUSY]> Î mean, really now.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> We need him in here now >_>

<@Jofna[bUSY]> That was perfect

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Damn

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I can't even disagree


<&TheAUT-Away> Project Ryan

<&TheAUT-Away> Project

<@Jofna[bUSY]> xD We have it

<@Jofna[bUSY]> We did it

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I just have one problem

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :(

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I don't have OxiClean

<RyanGDI[GDI]> D:

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan seriously

<@Jofna[bUSY]> YOu don't have to

<&TheAUT-Away> Just have fun man

<&TheAUT-Away> That's all we want from this

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Do you have a jug or something? lol

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I know

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Just a bottle of some sort

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'll find something else

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Write dynomite on a piece of tape, I don't care.

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan you know what

<&TheAUT-Away> You may get a lot of views

<&TheAUT-Away> lol

<@Jofna[bUSY]> hahaha

<RyanGDI[GDI]> How about...

<&TheAUT-Away> Billy Mays stuff is getting tons of views

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'll go look for something

<RyanGDI[GDI]> brb

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Which is why you have to include the names "MegaAros, SpiderJ, AUT, Jofna, Astronatu Jones, and KoolAid somewhere in it"

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Oh wait


<&MegaAros> :D

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Instant super-glue

<&MegaAros> LMAO

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Must include Dane Cool

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Cook*

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Also lol

<@Jofna[bUSY]> This will work

<@Jofna[bUSY]> So, does Ryan agree to surrender?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I've got some of that

<RyanGDI[GDI]> You can stick shoes together instantly with it

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Yeah

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Just need to know what the section is

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Include the work Dynomite in the product

<RyanGDI[GDI]> What it'll be formally worded as

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Pretty much the same way I worded it here

<RyanGDI[GDI]> e. RyanGDI will make a short advertisement on a product...Billy Mays style

<@Jofna[bUSY]> And post it on the OWF for our entertainment.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> AUT will then make me a sig about it XD

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> awesome

<&TheAUT-Away> It'll be a nice sig though, not humiliating

<RyanGDI[GDI]> :P

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan, seriously, thanks for going through with the duel

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Gimme till update

<&TheAUT-Away> You've proven you're true to your word.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Indeed

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I want to me comfortable with a camera

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> i think I speak for everyone when I say, WHERE DA WHITE WOMEN AT?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Also can we post the announcement now?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> haha

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Haven't done Comm Tech for a semester :/

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Well

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan - let the background music be "Criminal" by MJ

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Ultimately I need to tell everyone else

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I can't agree to these terms without everyone else

<RyanGDI[GDI]> But it won't take long :P

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Good

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I'm sure Hummer won't mind, and Liam already wants it

<RyanGDI[GDI]> For the interim, Cessation of Hostilities?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Yes.

<RyanGDI[GDI]> It probably won't take longer than 24h anyways

<@Jofna[bUSY]> For now

<&TheAUT-Away> Yup that's good

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Alright then

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Can MegaAros post the logs then?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Sure thing :P

<@Jofna[bUSY]> If we're not doing the announcement yet

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Well wait

<&MegaAros> These logs?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Then we might as well put the logs in our current topic

<&TheAUT-Away> Ryan - be sure to re-buy your proper improvements and switch DEFCON before collecting

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Yes these logs

<RyanGDI[GDI]> You don't want to bring up the terms

<RyanGDI[GDI]> You want to say those after they've been approved

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Why?

<&MegaAros> But I don't save logs <_<

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Let the shock settle in at once

<RyanGDI[GDI]> If they see it now

<@Jofna[bUSY]> We'll say that you've surrendered.

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Or that a CoH has occured for the time being

<@Jofna[bUSY]> While you are approving it with your alliance

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :D

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Is this fine?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Alrighty

<RyanGDI[GDI]> That works :P

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Okay, AUt can you save these logs?

<@Jofna[bUSY]> All of them

<@Jofna[bUSY]> ^^

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Don't post them yet

<@Jofna[bUSY]> But just save them until we're ready to post

<@Jofna[bUSY]> :D

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> man

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> protein shakes is tasty

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> I should just have these things for every meal

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> $%&@ real food

<RyanGDI[GDI]> lol

<RyanGDI[GDI]> It's not real food bro

<&MegaAros> lol

<@Jofna[bUSY]> AJ can you save the logs?

<RyanGDI[GDI]> Well

<RyanGDI[GDI]> I can save them

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> I log everything

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> because, as you know

<@Jofna[bUSY]> Gppd

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> I like to release them at a later date

<@Jofna[bUSY]> good*

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> to embarass people

00<~astronaut_jones[ma]> LIKE I DID WITH SLAYER!

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I'd like to thank GDI for a good duel. I'm not going to bash Ryan, he's not the best fighter but he has a lot of heart and remained true to his word. So I'd like to thank him for a fun time and wish him well in the future.

And this is a great day for Dynomite. As a very handsome man once said of us, Dynomite are ballers, and they are indeed shot callers.

EDIT: Hey guys don't forget to edit out the IP addresses.

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is that 5 cycles to those five each for a total of 2500 tech or 500 tech?

either way those are harsh terms for a "friendly" duel.

...Oh !@#$@#$ please.

Aside from tech deals, these terms last a total of 14 days. Big whoop.

Tech deals help both sides get back up on their feet as well. We didn't demand any demilitarization or any straight up reps. Atleast the deals that are going on right now go both ways.

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My favorite part of the logs were probably around the point where Ryan got pissed about us requesting terms for all of OUR guys (5 people >_>) even though 2 weren't involved. And then Ryan says "So if we win we can receive terms for all 26 of our guys?" and we're all like "Yes. If you win you can do this. If you win."


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