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Ladies and Gentlemen

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We Interrupt Your Current Broadcast

For an Important Corporate Bulletin!

There comes a time in every online game when a group of people changes the way that not only the game is played, but how the community thinks. We are probably not that group... again.

We are the Corporation of Serious Business. If you've seen some announcements by us lately, you're probably wondering what is going on. I can assure you, however, that everything is going to plan. The Corporation of Serious Business is reforming. As of now we are making our Declaration of Reformation known. Continue reading for the rest of our DoRk.

This has been a



Oh, and here’s our charter, government, and other unimportant stuff:


The Corporation of Serious Business

Filing More TPS Reports than you Can Shake a Stick At!

Maybe more later, when we feel like it.


Magnum, Something

Magnum T. Gundraw, Certainly Evil Officer

porksaber, Dildochairman of the Board

Jotti, Crab Processing Unit

Rey the Great, Diplovangelist

draovwildand, Mister Madoff

[business Secret], Jack Officer

Oh, and these kind people have offered to ally with us. I'm sure not many of you have heard of them, but they go by the name Nemesis.


In the Name of Capitalism

A Compromise for Consumerists Everywhere


The Opening Move

It’s simple economics, folks. Every business needs an archenemy. McDonalds has Burger King, Microsoft has Apple, and now, the Corporation of Serious Business has Nemesis. Competition between groups encourages them to step up their game. It’s all for the sake of consumer sovereignty, you see. It is in this materialist spirit we all share that I bring you the following treaty. You know you want it.

Article I:

$%&@ Communists

Self explanatory.

Article II:


We will invest in them.

Article III:


Can anyone say franchise?

Article IV:

As Serious as it Gets

The Corporation of Serious Business is hereby granted permission to hold the alliance affiliation ‘Nemesis’ in-game. In fact, that’s the one the whole alliance will be using. As such, Nemesis will be beating the living !@#$ out of anyone attacking CSB members. CSB will do the same for Nemesis, but typically with more style. We will remain sovereign alliances and whatnot, just sharing the same AA. Deal with it.

Signed for the Corporation of Serious Business:

Magnum “Tigga Plz” Gundraw, Attorney-At-Law

p0rkSab3r McFly, Cooler than a White Guy, PHD, HNIC, BYOB

Jotti parlez vous Lestache, French Crab Supreme

Rey the Red, Icelandic CumManDer

Draov, Not Racist

Signed for Nemesis:

BobHooBum, Emperor

-Transmission Terminated-




#csb and Forums

That's all you get for free.

Edited by Magnum T. Gundraw
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Hmmm... great treaty, poor luck that it had to happen through. :(

^ is this a merger or what?

Yes, it is a very serious merger.


Don't be silly, Nemesis does not do mergers. The document clearly states that we are two separate alliances that will defend eachother at all costs ... from one AA.

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