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Poseidon Announcement

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On behalf of all the undersigned signatories, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to AOD Brigade, who have joined us to become the third member alliance of the P.E.A.C.E Economic Treaty. This is yet another step forward in our continuing efforts to unite all of Purple under the PEACE banner, and indeed with the addition of the fine guys 'n gals of AODB represents increased awesomness for Purple Unity.

P.E.A.C.E Economic Treaty

Code of Conduct

I) Commitment to have sixty percent (60%) of the alliance's nations on Purple within thirty (30) days of membership.

II) Prohibition against “raid*” style warfare against any Purple Sphere nation.

III) Support for Poseidon in Senate matters.

IV) Economic participation on P.E.A.C.E forums, specifically trades and tech programs.

Article I: Trade

Member alliances shall work for the economic benefit of all signatories, Poseidon, and Pegasus members. To facilitate this goal, the member alliances shall participate in a central system (known as P.E.A.C.E forums) to establish trades and technology deals.

Article II: Senators

Member alliances agree to support Poseidon member alliances' Purple Senate candidates, to refrain from putting forth their own candidates, and to take all steps necessary to this end.

Article III: Nonaggression and Friendship

Signatories (both member alliances and Poseidon members) shall not take unprovoked aggressive actions, military or otherwise, against each other. The signatories agree to treat each other with respect and courtesy in all public and private channels of communications and will refrain from public comments that are harmful or hostile toward the unity and strength of the constituent alliances. As such, the signatories will deal with any and all differences through private communications.

Article IV: Conduct

Member alliances agree to represent the Purple Sphere speech in an honorable way and shall not engage in any espionage, fraud or other dishonorable actions against other alliances. Further, the member alliances agree to inform the Poseidon alliances of any major treaty or diplomatic development.

Article V: Membership

Membership is open to alliances that meets the following conditions.

  • A majority of the alliance's nations are located on the Purple Sphere, or;
  • The alliance requires or encourages its nations to be located on the Purple Sphere.
  • The alliance has at least 10 members or a total of 250,000 nation strength.
  • The alliance is not involved in a military conflict with any other alliance.
  • The alliance has maintained good relations with other member alliances.

Membership may be granted to alliances that meet these conditions by a majority vote of the Poseidon alliances. The requirements may be waived by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Poseidon alliances.

Article VI: War

a: In the event of a defensive war, the other signatories are highly encouraged to support the engaged signatories military, economically, and/or politically to said signatories.

b: If one of the PEACE alliances engages an offensive war, the other Signatory Alliances are encouraged to provide military, financial, and/or political assistance should the request for it be made and deemed just by the signatories.

Article VII: Withdrawal and Expulsion

Member alliances are free to withdraw from the agreement at any time, provided they have given seventy-two (72) hours written notice to all other member alliances.

Any violation of Articles I, II , III, or IV of this agreement shall give the Poseidon alliances cause to expel a member alliance from this agreement immediately. Expulsion not due to a violation of Articles I, II, III or IV shall require seventy-two (72) hours notice to the expelled member. Expulsion shall require a majority vote of the Poseidon alliances.

* Raid refers to wars started primarily for the purpose of statistical gain or boredom. This does not limit signatories to defensive actions or carrying out punishments as these are sovereign actions.


Signed for Poseidon:

Signed for Valhalla,

Chefjoe, Regent

Signed for Invicta,

Jorost, President

Signed for United Purple Nations,

Altheus, Founder of the UPN

Signed for the Legion,

The Legion Consulate

Signed for Boards Alliance of Protectorate States

BAPS Triumvirate

Signed for Member Alliances:


Signed for Mighty Armed States of Honor,

Col. Fitswilliam, Commanding General

RpR Francheezi, Commanding General

Flonker, Commanding General

Dran129, Executive Officer

Bedford Forrest, Executive Officer

Justavictim82, Senior Drill Instructor

Kaznecki, Foreign Affairs Officer

Gorrillaballz, Enlistment Officer

IBurnMyCd, Payroll Officer

Serenissima, Internal Affairs Officer


Signed for SNAFU,

Stetson of Axeland, Grand FUBAR

Drall of Phyrexia, the Power Behind the Throne

Sniper620 of Snipetopia, the Director of Damage Control

Hlaine Larkin of Reikland, the Director of Making Nations Rich

President SO of Republic of Austria, the Director of Alliance Relations

Madam Cavi of Spehan, the Director of Illicit Affairs


Signed for AOD Brigade.

Amaryllis, Empress

Kellory, Second in Command

Mirreille, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Makoto, Minister of Internal Affairs

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Good to see. I've had the pleasure of talking to Mirreille on several occasions. Quiet folks there, but good ones.

Oh yeah she queried me outta no where one time.

Very nice people, even if you act hostily to them they always act with courtesy. Good luck in the PEACE bloc.

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Thank you for the warm welcome, this is probably a good bit overdue, but we do get there eventually. :) We look forward to working with all our Purple neighbors even more. I'll get to work on some Purple cookie recipes, those can be tricky...

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