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Sarah Tintagyl

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It began as a group of teenagers in protest of the Hanseatic handling of the tension in the potential war in Europe. When Sarah had accepted the Presidency in the Nordic Confederacy, almost nationwide protest had begun for the Nords to return their Lady of Peace and it was becoming apparent that the Hanseatic future lay in the South Pacific more than anywhere else. Since that time, groups of teenagers, unemployed workers, environmentalists, and pacifists had taken to the streets to protest any chance that war may be developed. These protesters brought with them the music of their generation and when protesting in Brisbane became to crowded they began to move this massive nation wide protest to the fields outside of the capital. Thousands began to pour in from Micronesia, New Guinea, and Marchen, here in the fields outside of Brisbane began a great music festival, larger than the world had seen before.

As the festival began, while talks were still happening, the attendance was mostly Hanseatic, however when word had gotten out that peace had been declared at least for now. The people erupted in celebration. Not only had one of the chief diplomats for peace had been their Head of State, and the conference had been held in Hanseatic territory, but the feeling of peace and love was beginning to sweep the nation. Once again, Tintagyl had risen to become a cult figure within Marchar and Hanseatic thought and in celebration of the peace many people also knew that it may not last. People understood their mortality on Earth and they knew the planet was a place to be protected. Songs talked about the need for love on Earth and to protect the only planet that we had left. People talked about Peace and Love and the great Human Endeavor and a world where Nord could peaceful co-exist with Communists. That a Human world would begin to rise from the ashes of tension and that war could be prevented.


On the fields outside of Brisbane, bands and people from all over the world had become to pour into the large amphitheater that had been set up and for the more people that would show up, the venue could easily be expanded. Various stages were set up and the concert was pretty much planned on a Chaos Doctrine, there was no order to the music and if a band could find a spot to play on stage then they were welcomed to, but they also knew that if they music was under par then the crowd would take them off as soon as they became disappointed. However things began to look better as a few line ups had been made for the evening.

As night began to fall on the fields outside the capital, the lights shown down as the Creedence Clearwater Revival took the stage. John Fogarty moved to the center as he looked out to the crowd and smiled as he cupped his hands together and the ground near that particular stage began to silence. "Hello Brisbane! I'm glad you see you all here! As long as we're here we no the world's not fighting so pass that beer forward and lets keep rocking! We're going to rock until the sun comes up!"

The crowd cheered as John walked back to his band and gave a count as they started playing to the ground. Immediately the lighters and the glowsticks came out and a euphoria swept over the entire field.

After Creedence had finished more began to come out and the concert carried on easily into the morning.

The Times They Are A Changin' - Bob Dylan


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OOC:And the Cops come along and make a world record bust for possession for Marijuana :P How do you want people to reply IC?

OOC: Marquis and anyone else confused...end bands...put any kind of music you want up and just comment on the atmosphere...treat this like my Great Exhibition Thread ;)

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While the Government did not consider the event save enough to send Officials special leaves were approved for Assets who wanted to attend the event provided they would not break company rules in addition a few from origin Astrakhan bands would attend most notably Scorpions and Sabaton.

Most notable song to be played:

Scorpions - Wind of Change

Sabaton - Nuclear Attack

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Notable New Orleans artist Lil Wayne, celebrated throughout Louisiana for his lyrical skills, decided to drop by to this event to perform one of his less celebrated songs. The song, The Sky is the Limit, was initially a controversial pick but he changed the lyrics from a gang-like tone to a brotherhood-esque song.

Just moments after Lil Wayne stopped, John Mayer appeared on the stage. "For peace, for love, for music!"

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After Monika Tanzband was finished, the Norsvean band Guns n Roses would take the stage to bring on some get up and rock out music.

Paradise City - Guns n Roses (With guest appearance by Erik Betrakte in the final solo)

(Starts at 1:46)

Sweet Child of Mine - Guns n Roses

Civil War - Guns n Roses (Imagine that's the Norsvean flag in the background)

Mama Kin - Guns n Roses

OOC: I was about to do this, lol.

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Two Vinilandese bands joined the concert - firstly, Edguy went to the stage and brought two non-serious songs to the table (sung in English):

Save Us Now

Then, Jota Quest took over the stage with another two songs - one mocking corruption and money laundering, while the other one promotes environmental conscience (Sung in Portuguese).

La Plata


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A tall, sunglassed woman suddenly jumps up onto the stage, as the crowd looks in bewilderment. She is young, and no one knows who she is, until her glasses fall off.

It is none other than Annihilation's Supreme Leader, Madame Unicorn.


The crowd goes wild as she grabs the microphone and screams "LET'S HEAR IT FOR PEACE!!"

She then moves into a rendition of

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Molakia is amused that a peace conferance is being held in Hanseatic Lands. We find much irony in this.

First is it not a conference, it is a peace festival, perhaps instead of having warmongering in Russia in the past you should have stepped up to the responsibility of one of the smaller countries on the world stage and have been a champion for peace. Second, as to the peace conference, it was a success and perhaps instead of insulting us you should be thanking us. Thanks to Her Ladyship, Europe is not a nuclear wasteland right now. Take your empty insults else where, this is a celebration that the world is safe.

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Several representatives from the Mexican Liberation Operation came to pass out flyers for their movement fighting for the liberation, and self-rule for the Mexican people. A mexican band supporting the movement has joined them and will be preforming.

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They came from a foreign land, the lowest of the low, the highest of the high. They know no bounds. Wearing their masks with pride, they shall surely rock this party. They came from the boats, never stopping. A legion of nobody and everybody. The dealers dropped from the planes, parachuting, ready to sell their limitless merchandise. It is time for this party to really rock.


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