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Announcement from the GDA

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GDA has just been informed of a message that was sent to all Karma POW AA's from an ex-GDA member, Prime-Minister-Leq.

If you can remember, this is a member, who was determined to be withholding vital information from us before the start of the war. Because Leq is an ex-member of GDA, and used GDA's name in his message, we find it necessary to announce this.

This must be his attempt to get even with the GDA for the punishment he was sure to face because of his actions while he was a member.

Below is the message:


These actions were in no way endorsed by the GDA, and finds any one who would stoop to such a low level to surrender to gain false peace to be completely dishonorable.

Because Leq is an ex-GDA member, and he used the GDA's name in the message, we find it necessary to have brought this information to light.

Signed for GDA,

Sippyjuice, President

Thrash, MoFA

PopCap, MoIA

BacTalan, MoE

On behalf of Karma,

LiquidMercury, Death Incarnate, Wrath of Karma

Archon, Karma Incarnate, Voice of Karma

Roquentin, Vigilance Incarnate, Shadow of Karma

For CSN,

As The Commonwealth is predominantly a peaceful alliance, and we believe in second and third chances, Prime-Minister-Leq approached us about wishing to surrender, and we allowed him to do so in good faith. It is clear he never meant to honor his surrender agreement. As such, Prime-Minister-Leq will be given a sentence of Zero Infrastructure from The Commonwealth to be executed immediately.

Goose, Head of State to The Commonwealth, Warmonger of GUARD, and Old Man with a Cane

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I assume there's a clause stating hostilities will re-commence upon breaking of terms within the surrender terms? Perhaps some of the higher ups of Karma should spam the "Karma POW" AA and remind them of this, and that they will be watched, just to reinforce the idea.

In other news: this was quite right to do GDA, way to do the right thing in an interesting situation in which your first thought was probably flameflameflame.

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GDA has been nothing but honorable in working with us on their terms, and dealing with issues. I commend them again for their actions in this case.

Let this serve as a warning to those that would abuse the mercy of The Commonwealth and Karma as a whole. We have given you the opportunity to bow out from this conflict, only asking that you remain peaceful and not raise arms against us again. Abusing our mercy will not be tolerated.

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Hmmm.. I find this all to be rather interesting. I'll have to rethink any surrenders I may receive. :)

Edit- Not that it's my choice in the matter. All stuffs like that go higher up.

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Leq, I fought you over a year ago, and I was scared for a moment that you might get off easy like so many in this war have and will. However, you have ensured that such a thing will not happen, and for that I thank you.

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Yep me thinks that we got to deal with this as a whole, unfortunately. No one wants this to happen I think on either side. May haps the powers that be will be able to deal with this one fairly and justly. At least GDA was following their people a bit. IF this gets confirmed (which I think that post is more than enough confirmation) I would say a good swift kick in the can is about due and a stern who the ___ do you think you are from the respective Alliance Goverments etc.

All in all leave this one to the Leaders in charge.

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