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An Announcement from AiD, TDE, and TriCom

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AiD hereby surrenders to the forces of TDE and TriCom. As of 9:35 CN time the Alliance of International Defence, The Dark Evolution and Trilateral Commission have come to terms of peace. All parties fought well and respectively during the conflict and were great combatants. Apart from our little "heated discussions" on IRC it's safe to say we have grown somewhat fond of each other over the past week or so. AiD entered the conflict in an honorable way defending there allies and exited in an honorable way.

The agreed terms are:

i. AiD agrees to remain out of the current conflict involving "Karma" and "The Hegemony" for the duration of the war. This means no sending any aid to any alliance involved, no spying, etc.

ii. TriCom and The Dark Evolution agree to not re-engage AiD for the duration of the war.

iii. All parties understand should any attacks follow after 23:59, CN time, on the 2nd of May, appropriate reparations will be paid for the damages caused.

iv. Should AiD be attacked they are allowed to defend them selves.

Signed for AiD,

Dark Lord AJ, Director of AiD

Signed for TDE,

Angryraccoon, The Great Seer

UacYuri, Imperial Officer

HavoK, Imperial Officer

Signed for TriCom,

Grim Reaper, Chairman

Cooksonthegreat, Chief Executive Officer

Marcus Guildenstern, 1st Rep

El Jefe, 2nd Rep

Signed for Karma,

LiquidMercury, Death Incarnate, Wrath of Karma

Archon, Karma Incarnate, Voice of Karma

Roquentin, Vigilance Incarnate, Shadow of Karma

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yay for us ^_^

cough i totaly signed in invisible ink XP


p.s. u guys put up a nice fite XP

anarchied me finnaly but only after i got bill locked XP


Nice to see you on the forums :) Glad to see we have peace now!

You fought well.

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Must admit, it has been a proper battle.

o/ AiD

o7 TDE

o7 TC

Well done AiD. B) o/ Peace
Drunk posting is bad. I not even sober snd I already regret it mildly. -_-
This has been a Public Service Announcement from Vanguard; If you see a drunk friend at the computer, TAKE AWAY THOSE KEYS! Friends don't let friends post drunk.


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