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An Announcement from Karma


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Citizens of Planet Bob,

It is with a lightened heart that I have the privelige to come before you today to announce that which all nations should strive for - peace. We go about this conflict as a duty to be executed rather than a joyful task, and we fight so that we may one day enjoy a lasting peace in a free world. We are sympathetic to those who entered this conflagration out of honor, and recognize that they served well on the field of battle. Therefore, when approached by the Independent Republic of Armed Nations and the United Foundation concerning a withdraw from this war, we were pleased to offer them the following Terms of Surrender:

1. IRAN and UF will hereby exit this conflict in a white peace.

2. For the duration of Karma's conflict with the Hegemony, IRAN and UF will not re-enter any theater of combat.

3. For the duration of Karma's conflict with the Hegemony, IRAN and UF will not aid any nation that stands opposed to Karma.

These terms have been accepted by IRAN and UF, and so we wish them the best as we let them go in peace.

Signed for the Independent Republic of Armed Nations,

Batallion, Triumvir of War

Mogar, Triumvir of Foreign Affairs (Note: Resigned from IRAN, requested signature be struck from accords)

TheManbearpig, Triumvir of Internal Affairs

Signed for the United Foundation,

Kyle Smith, President

Millhouse, Secretary General

pjk11, Secretary of Defense

Signed for the Western Empire,

Oda, Emperor of =WE=

CommanderCato, IO of =WE=

PolishGermany, IO of =WE=

Master-Debater, Elder of =WE=

Signed for the Federation of Buccaneers,



Signed for The Immortals,

Sarmatian Empire, Emperor

Master Conservative, Commandant

Wappas, Chief Officer

Signed for Amaranth,

kamichi, Knight Protector

Signed on behalf of Karma,


Karma Incarnate, the Voice of Karma


Death Incarnate, the Wrath of Karma

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