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SCM's Rant against (almost) everyone


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I bloody damn well dare you to read this post in full before replying with your "first" crap.

Alright. This is going to be a very long post.

First of all, let me say that I recognise, that when compared to the likes of the leaders of C&G, SF, Q, 1V, etc, I am basically a nobody, but nevertheless, I deeply need to vent some rage.

Second of all, I have been meaning to write this for about 36 hours, but have been unable to due to organising my alliances' war efforts, etc. I have also skipped a night of sleeping, as well as not attend my uni for half the week, or worked on any assignments which are due by Sunday. Just to make a point how dedicated I am to this game, and how much fun I obtain from both the good and the bad. And no, I feel perfectly fine - this is by no means the first time I have gone without a night's worth of sleep. Also, delaying in writing this has given me the chance to put even more stuff in - excellent.

Thirdly, for those who don't know me, or don't know me well enough; I am a guy who does not !@#$%^&* around. That is all you need to know.

Fourthly, due to the size of this, it makes it almost impossible to correct all spelling/grammar, and given my slight sleep deprivation, I would like to apologise in advance for any errors in my post.

Finally, this is a statement from me and only me - not my alliance.

Almost since the start of the war, I have seen conduct and actions by nations, governments and alliances which I dislike, hate, am disgusted with and so forth. And this will be a rant against everyone of those instances where I am severely displeased with something. I will try and lay things out in a logical and organised way. I'll try and stay true to my topic, but I will inevitably need to explain related matters.

First of all, I will vent some rage at everyone who has trolled, disrespected, insulted and made not so innocent fun of all NPO and NPO's allies. As well as raging at NPO and their allies. But before you get out your "LEAVE NPO ALONE" and "QQQ" posters, why don't you !@#$ off, because I have personally disliked - even hated at times, NPO, GGA and all of their allies myself, so I know where you are coming from.

You have have ruined the game. You drove thousands of players away. You destroyed communities, and denied them the right to play on their terms, under their banners, under their flags - you denied them their souls. You have staged smear campaigns against countless alliances, I think GPA is the most trivial and obvious case. You have...aww hell what's the point. You deserve this.

I was surprised and unsurprised to see all of NPO's allies apparently bail on them. I wanted this to be a good, fair war. Hell, I didn't particularly even care who won, just as long as it was even remotely fair in numbers. I posted in every single treaty cancellation thread calling every single one of those alliances cowardly !@#$%*^. I was beyond upset, just as everyone was. Then it occured to me that this was either a ploy or they may re-decide or whatever.

Surely enough, most of Q/1V defended NPO at the next update. And then everyone basically took their knives out, chopped them into a thousand pieces, and fed them to the dogs. They were branded dishonourable, caring only about PR, switching sides only because they'd die otherwise, etc. It was very bad on MK radio as well. Well guess what - $%&@ you all who said this, $%&@ you all.

Everyone with any kind of love for war or balls wanted NPO allies in on this. Does it really !@#$ing matter how they entered? Does it? You can debate and argue about their true intentions after the war. How dare you even troll their allies. They went in knowing they would probably lose. I don't give the slightest bit of !@#$ why they did it - it is the fact that they did the right thing in the end that matters. How !@#$@#$ dare you degrade and and insult their alliances. So what if their leaders are absolute !@#$%^& - crap, I hate them more than any of you do, but so what? They will get what is coming to them. They will be nuked. They will be destroyed. Their hegemony will end. They will never be the same. Why the hell is it necessary to stomp on them when they are down? Because they deserve it? Well $%&@ you - you are no better than they have been, your conduct is not better than theirs has been. And screw anti-hypocrisy for the sake of PR, I personally couldn't give a rats $@! what my PR is. My allies know where I stand - they always know where I stand and this is the only thing of relevance to me. How about anti-hypocrisy because it is right? Because you really are all hypocrites?

And let me say again, I dislike or even hate all the big players on their side no less than anyone. Ask anyone who knows me, ask anyone who was in the NAAC with me. They will say I raged and ranted about them every single day I was there, and in Sanctum and in Atlantis, etc. I still dislike them for what they have turned this game into. GGA alone has drove countless players from the game. Their CB against Hyperion in the previous war was nothing short of insane. I raged and !@#$ bricks. I love Hyperion, truly, and everyone who now makes up GR - even if the feelings are not mutual. Hyperion did not deserve this, I have not forgotten what GGA did that time. I have not forgotten that they mask their real reasons for war.

But damn, is that a good reason for every single nation, for every single player in GGA to be ridiculed and made fun of? You are currently denying them the possibility to play this game in a fun and respectable way. These players did not do !@#$ to you, so how about you lay off them and their lack of WRCs. If you want someone to blame then blame the GGA gov specifically. And this goes for all other Q alliances - and even alliances on our side. Why the hell do ODN members have to listen about their alliance being put into a hypothetical battle with GGA, and for people to take cheap shots at them saying neither would win while laughing in the background. Neither of them did anything to deserve this. All you people who say these things on MK Radio - you truly make me sick. Whether you are joking or not is really irrelevant, for me, personally, you crossed a line. I don't have anything against you, and I don't have anything against MK Radio - you lot are relatively cool and give us all great entertainment, but IMO, you simply go too far with this, and it sickens me to the bone. Let them have fun. Let them play the game. Stop making fun of them, stop insulting them, they do NOT deserve this.

Back to the DoW threads. We all wanted them to enter, this is wonderful, beautiful. We have a war which may actually be somewhat even and or least big. You have no right to complain, you should be thankful they honoured their treaties. They deserve this you say? Well !@#$ YOU, it doesn't matter whether they deserve it or not - it doesn't matter one bit. Stop claiming this BS about them doing this to people in the past - and this goes with everything else. It doesn't !@#$ing matter what they did in the past - yes we dislike them, this is why we are destroying them, at least let them have some dignity and let them enjoy the war.

And for the alliances which truly abandoned NPO - not ones which had treaties to both sides like NpO, MHA, TOP, etc - but alliances which were clearly in NPO's sphere, and simply abandoned them, and did not or are not returning (I really don't think anyone remains in this list, but just in case) - nothing needs to be said. You are the biggest scum ever. You never had problems with anything NPO did in the past, so don't give us BS that you care now. You are saving your pixels - nothing else.

And what about the people who want harsh surrender terms? Again, this is people from MK's CN Radio, and I'm sorry, I'm not picking on MK, but really, a lot of what is said there I do not support. None of Q/1V alliances should be forced to disband, change colours, change gov, significant reps or any other humiliating conditions. This is just BS. They are not going to come back and kill you, if anything they will change as you show them how it's bloody done. I also know none of those people on CN radio were actual gov members - who mentioned things like forcing NPO to disband, but I honestly to god hope nobody in positions of power is considering giving anyone harsh surrender terms. I think they may well be from what I can tell, but please...don't.

In my case, Dark Fist declared war against NATO to honour our treaties. NATO declared war on INT to honour their treaties. Regardless of what happens in war, shall we be victorious, we shall give NATO white peace - no terms, no reps. This is a decision me and Daikos unanimously reached straight away after war was declared. It doesn't matter if they ZI all of us, if we will win, then they will get white peace. We both honoured our treaties, and I don't see how any of this is wrong in any way. I sincerely hope we will receive the same curtsey from NATO if they win the war. Knowing Anu, this is pretty likely. This should be the case for every alliance defending NPO - every single one of them should get white peace, with perhaps some conditions about removing nations from EZI/PZI if appropriate - that sort of thing.

Yes, a lot of people (once again, including myself) severely dislike a lot of them, and we all feel the need to punish them for what they did, and teach them a lesson by giving them all the horrible peace conditions they have given everyone, while laughing and drinking wine. But THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO GOD DAMNIT!!! They are getting DESTROYED. They Hegemony has ENDED. This is PUNISHMENT ENOUGH.

I sincerely hope every single alliance which declared in the defence of NPO gets white peace. Every single one. Even GGA. Forget all this talk about them dishonouring treaties - once again, this is something to argue and debate over b]after[/b] the war.

And now, this brings me to my next point. NPO - your CB against OV was !@#$. Karma alliances who jumped NPO, in my personal opinion - and I stress this is my own opinion - your discussions with NPO and your subsequent CB was no better. There I've said it. Now let me clarify; I fully support your actions, despite your crappy peace talks with NPO. You guys really came off like !@#$%^& in the peace talks - I'm sorry, but that's just the way I feel. Yes, NPO was stalling - I do not disagree, yes they deserve nothing less - and perhaps most importantly, I've said this before and I'll say it again, we simply had to have this war. There was no backing out. But what I am concerned about here, is you guys trying to make yourself look overly righteous combined with your constant trolling and insulting of NPO. If you just all out declared on NPO, because you had treaties you had to honour, then that would have been better in my opinion. NPO wanted peace talks, so tell them straight; these are your conditions for war, they are non-negotiable, do you accept y/n. This is simple and would have worked fine, I don't know why the crap you did what you did. Furthermore, no more than 20% soldiers? Come on, this is ridiculous. Retarded even - especially when moo asked you to clarify how violations would be dealt with and you basically ignored him. Think what you will, but I find the conduct of your peace talks just as bad as NPO's peace talks with OV.

But you do have a legitimate CB in supporting your allies with OV, and as I said, this is a war we all had to have.

And now the NPO surrender terms. Disband...eternal war...humiliate them....no. IMO, give up the Moldovi and Revenge doctrines. Declare peace with all alliances they are at war with like FAN and Vox, and alliances with which they have a defaco state of war with, like LUE, NAAC, GOONS, \m/, Genmay, etc. Reparations to OV would be in order I would say. But really not much more. And no, I'm not telling you how to do your jobs, I'm just stating my personal opinion for the record.

Next I would like to rage at Vox and everyone spying on NPO and their allies, who are constantly releasing screenshots of their private forums, channels and discussions. $%&@ you all - you are an insult to me, my alliance and everything I stand for. I, nor anyone else on Karma needs your dirty help to win this war, and I sure as hell hope everyone feels the same way.

Unfortunately, I feel we may be guilty here too. As NATO knows, we declared war on them just 1 minute after their DoW on INT, and we began our attacks immediately. Of course it's not like we drastically altered the war or anything, I mean, we are not the most active alliance in the world nor the biggest, so out of 16 people to declare war, around 6 were online at the time, plus the server crashed anyway. Mainly I was hitting f5 on the global wars screen every 5 seconds, waiting for NATO to come in, as our allies informed us that they have intelligence that NATO will be declaring war on INT. I don't know how they got that intel, and I don't think it matters now.

Basically, we didn't really choose to receive the intel, it was given to us. In this, I don't think any less of our allies, as I am sure it was the same for them. Vox spies and other spies keep posting screenshots in public IRC channels here and there, as well as posting them in other public places.

Now saying all that, it doesn't alleviate us of our guilt - and we are guilty. I would not call it spying, as I don't believe we committed any actions of espionage against NATO or anyone else, but nevertheless, this intelligence allowed us to declare war earlier than otherwise - even if only 5 minutes earlier. NATO and Anu Drake deserve better. I legitimately believe that we have ruined at least a little bit of their fun and/or their potentially surprise attacks through our actions. And as of now, I would like to issue a most sincere appology. I hope NATO can understand that our actions seemed natural, and even if I had to do everything all over again, I would not do it differently, because there is little point to it. We received the intel, and we had to act on it - that is how I felt at the time, and it is how I feel now. I wish we never got it, though admittedly, we were very happy to go in prior to update, because DF's nations deeply desire war :)

Overall, the Hegemony has it bad enough - why do you spying rats feel the need to make it any worse? Just let us fight them on fair terms for god's sake and let the better side win - is this too much to ask? I honestly don't care if we lose, just as long as it's fair. I am sure change will come to CN regardless. I am willing to accept all consequences of all of our actions and wars, I am willing to stand by our allies and die - and I would prefer this to winning the war using dirty spying tactics.

Next on the agenda are many Q/1V alliances. This time however, it is not about their past actions, which we all know are despicable.

I really can't guarantee that I'm not talking out of my $@! here, but it seems to me that your entire side, or most alliances in it are;

- Ill prepared, especially in regards to warchests

- Very disorganised

- Not communicating to each other well IMO

- Probably did not have this well planned out.

I mean come on. I realise that The Initiative and The World Unity Treaty no longer exist, but what the hell is this crap? You guys were on top for so long, because you were very good at making excellent war plans which resulted in your victories. You were innovative and created things like banking before anyone else did. You were very well organised.

This war is a complete reversal of the above. But why? I mean damn, again - I would consider myself to be nobody in the bigger scheme of things, but once Gremlins left Q, it was obvious to me that this would happen. From there on, all DF nations for which the following was feasible, were under orders to get MPs, SDIs, CIAs, build massive warchests, etc. We basically doubled and then almost trippled our nukes in the space of a couple of months, and whereas we previously had 1-2 MPs and no SDIs, now all of our nuclear nations (I think) have MPs, and practically all of them have SDIs. We also have some nice warchests. Overall for an alliance our size, I think we are more than beating the average number of nukes we are expected to have (but really, Aircastle beats everyone at this so badly, it's just embarrassing to us and should be embarrassing to a lot of NPO's allies. Sorry for mentioning your alliance John Ron, but this is very true and needs to be said) and we are overall very well prepared for this war, IMO.

I really can't say the same about your side. And I am not referring to NATO specifically, if anyone is thinking that - I mean generally, you guys are unprepared, and quite frankly you are sucking. And don't even dare to complain about odds, the odds are far more even than what GR and MK had to face on multiple occasions (MK more than most probably), and they friggin kicked arse to the ridiculous extent that it was embarrassing to you. Well why are you not doing this to Karma?

If I knew this war was coming, surely all of you did. You should have planned your !@#$ months in advance. You should have had a very elaborate plan for how to cause the most damage to us while getting the least amount of damage yourself. All of you should have been armed to the teeth with nukes and have massive warchests. Also, if I was you, I'd actually go to war before everyone isolated themselves from you, when you still perhaps had a chance at this thing.

Seriously, you guys suck, you fail and you deserve to lose this war for this reason in addition to all the horrible things you have done to everyone over the years.

Though once again, saying everything I have said, I can respect them enough not to constantly make fun of them and put down their members. And please don't act like they don't care, they are quite pissed IMO, and this needs to stop now. I honestly don't care what NPO, GGA, TPF or anyone else did in the past in regards to giving them dignity. Treat them with whatever respect they have left. You don't like them? Fine, neither do I. Dark Fist's nuclear forces will be joining you all on the battlefield, as we (hopefully) take down NATO, along with our allies. We are doing this because of our treaties, and because we generally want to take down their side, and all of NPO's cronies, including NATO. But this is honestly as far as it goes. I have no beef with NATO beyond this, Daikos has no beef with NATO beyond this. As I mentioned previously, if we win this will result in white peace. After this war is over, we will consider NATO just an ordinary alliance. We will bear absolutely no hard feelings towards them, or their leaders.

I mean seriously, grow up. And for the record, I do believe that a lot of NPO's allies intended to honour their treaties. This is ridiculously obvious IMO, otherwise they would have withdrawn from blocs with them or kicked NPO out of those blocs. But again - let's all have a wild time debating about this for all eternity after the war.

Karma - I love you all, especially GR and MK - and our allies above all else, I will always love you.

Hegemony - While I deeply dislike most of you, and only merely dislike some of you, I feel that I can still wage war with you on respectable terms, and not torment you over your past actions.

I would highly prefer if we all just respected each other and had a fun time. This is a game after all. Please - please don't let it get personal. I realise that many will disagree with at least some of the things that I have said, but I hope that you agree with or at least consider some others.

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I would highly prefer if we all just respected each other and had a fun time. This is a game after all. Please - please don't let it get personal. I realise that many will disagree with at least some of the things that I have said, but I hope that you agree with or at least consider some others.

Please - please DON'T PANIC.

Don't skip class, miss assignments, lose sleep, etc. Try to relax.

Because you're exactly right. This is just a game.

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It's a personal choice. This is a lot of fun for me :)

I know ;)

I appreciate the time and effort you put into typing all that out too. It opened up a discussion and let me express my opinion.

Cybernations is a game. Life's a farce. The world's a stage. Enjoy the show. :P

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hon⋅or   [on-er] Show IPA


1. honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions: a man of honor.

Good to see someone exemplify it. Even if it is SCM.

Very nice post. I think it's time for us to quit with the childish remarks (of which I know I've thrown a few) and treat each other with respect. Simply because we all want to destroy one another doesn't mean we all have to insult each other. :P

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Read it all; Some parts I agree with, some parts I do not - Mostly its obvious ranting from a sleep-deprived alliance leader :D

Basically I got:

Treat your enemies with respect - this is just a game

Be fair in surrender terms; otherwise you will become no better then who you are defeating.

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I hate you too StarCraftMaster.

I say that with all due respect and following the pattern of this thread. Good rant, would read again, though I don't really have the time to do that again right now, though I think I'll save it so I can read it again down the road.

You have always had my respect, and I have many of the same opinions as you.

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It's a personal choice. This is a lot of fun for me :)

Technically it's not a game... A game must have a victory condition, otherwise its a simulation.

Anyway - we should go for a beer - you sound like you need it.

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I would highly prefer if we all just respected each other and had a fun time. This is a game after all. Please - please don't let it get personal. I realise that many will disagree with at least some of the things that I have said, but I hope that you agree with or at least consider some others.

I second this part. This is the most important part about this post and I am happy you ended on it.

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And now the NPO surrender terms. Disband...eternal war...humiliate them....no. IMO, give up the Moldovi and Revenge doctrines. Declare peace with all alliances they are at war with like FAN and Vox, and alliances with which they have a defaco state of war with, like LUE, NAAC, GOONS, \m/, Genmay, etc. Reparations to OV would be in order I would say. But really not much more. And no, I'm not telling you how to do your jobs, I'm just stating my personal opinion for the record.

If the terms are anything other than this, well fffffff.

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While I agree to a point on most of the things you said. Trolling is a part of this game, and can be an extremely effective one if hundreds of people do it. It causes the other side to lose moral and try to get out of the war anyway they can. As for peace terms, I think white peace could be given to many alliances but if I was in charge all I would ask is what NPO has asked FAN, NAAC and countless other alliances. Move to Pink. If they do that I say white peace for everyone else.

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Ok that topped my rant. LOL, but it's CN radio, not MK radio. The radio station is for the whole game and has DJ's from a lot of different alliances.

Yeh, I think I referred to it as both, sorry.

SCM, whereabouts in Sydney do you live? I cbf reading it, so can I come over so you can orate it to me instead?

Kensington, near UNSW.

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