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From NEW with love

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Official Announcement From Nusantara Elite Warriors


We are desperately to enter the battlefield just to prove we are men of honor. Today we finally get that chance. Our ally has called our help, therefore we must answer that call. Even it means we will struggle in the pain, we will never take our words back. Infra is nothing, honor is everything.


NEW hereby declare a state of war with Christian Coalition of Countries. May the spirit of November 1945 be our guidance to the glory.


Elite Warriors of Nusantara Elite Warriors

EDIT: Adding - Activate "D" from MADP with TPF....

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They are MADP'd with TPF....I was just expecting this to be on PC. Have fun NEW, I feel bad for CCC right now.

We Hate PC so much, so we won't give them our nukes :P

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We may be on opposite sides NEW, so I cannot wish you luck, but I am smiling for you as I know you will enjoy this.

I feel bad for my (war time) allies in CCC... NEW is not shy about nuking and the only thing they like more than nuking someone else is being nuked themselves.

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