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FAN Announcement


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Federation of Armed Nations

The Federation of Armed Nations hereby declares double dog war on all of the folks that we are currently at war with that just flipped a !@#$%* on the NPO and ran away with their tails tucked between their legs.

I know this may come as a shock to many in Cyberverse, but FAN and NPO aren't friends. Really, we're not. I sent them a Kwanza card and it got sent back "return to sender" with a meany face drawn on the envelope. :( So, suffice to say we won't be pouring whiskey on their grave except after it's been processed by our deteriorated livers.

That still does not excuse current behavior. The only thing FAN hates more than self serving, pompous, assjacks like those from the NPO, are cowards. And while we will continue to poke NPO with pointy sticks we will hold a special place in FAN hell for all the spineless lemmings who were both dumb enough to follow the aforementioned pieces of !@#$, but also lack the intestinal fortitude to actually follow it through. Did you really think you'd be let off the hook because you pissed all over yourselves and hid in the closet?

We understand this is a tough time. What with all the thinking for yourselves and all. We are compassionate people and we will be certain to lube the rusty corn scoop that we have prepared for your nether regions. It's the least we can do. Don't worry though.

Many of you may be wondering what the hell double dog war is. Honestly I don't have a damn clue, but it's worse than war and if anyone can figure out how to make war worse it's FAN. When we have specifics we'll let you know. Until then please join us in the pointing and laughing.


Some people from FAN that are supposed to be in charge of !@#$.

The following gun porn was paid for in part by "Neshmur's World of Carpet" and by viewers like you.


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