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Vermilion Entente


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I come before you today to announce the Vermilion Entente.

We are a simple people of the red team, We wish for peace and growth. Everyone and anyone is welcome in the Kingdom of Vermilion Entente. We encourage friendly foreign relations. The rules which dictate the lives of Vermilion Entente can be found below

Constitution of Vermilion Entente

Article 1. No member shall encourage war.

Article 2. No member shall leave be on the pink team.

Article 3. All members must vote for assigned Senator.

Article 4. Obey the leader.

Article 5. MrwhiteOcUK is a sworn traitor to the growth of peace, Therefore a enemy to VE.

Article 6. Anyone not obeying any of the 5 articles shall be kicked.

Signed on this 19th Day of April 2009,

Schills - Head Council


Forums - http://vermilion-entente.davidmarq.com/index.php

IRC - #VE-

Come drop by the forums and irc and hang out.

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