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NES Instruction Manual

I. Preamble

NES is a group of same-minded people who each have a fanatical devotion the the medium of entertainment known as the Video Game. It is with this in mind, that we hope that we can become, and maintain a constant factor of fun with an exciting community, and a dynamic style.

II. Switching On and Off the NES

Turning On your NES

I. Literally anyone is welcome to join our merry band of gamers and fanatics, yet you must follow these strict regulations:

1. Your nation must not be engaged in any wars, may that be aggressive, or defensive.

2. Your nation must not be labelled a rogue/terrorist or be on any kind of Zero Infrastructure Lists.

3. Your nation must have a positive standing within the Community of Cyber Nations, and must have any prior commitments resolved before engaging with us.

II. Prospective Gamers must apply for membership by utilising the following format:

Nation Name:

Ruler Name:

Nation Link:

Nation Strength:

Former Alliances:

Why did you hear about the wondrous world of NES?

"I, ***Nation Ruler*** of ***Nation Name***, have read the Charter for NES and I promise to abide by it directly to the leter, for the rest of my time here at this alliance."

Turning Off your NES

I. You may unplug your NES at any time during Peace with no consequence suffered, providing that you have paid off any debts that you may have.

II. If you leave during a State of Emergency, you will be considered a deserter, and if you happen to join the affiliation of an enemy who is currently at war with us, it shall be considered an act of treason, last known when Sonic appeared on a Nintendo Platform, and you shall appear on the "NES Pirated Cartridges" list.

III. Cleaning the Dust

I. These are the following rules which must be followed when engaging with other players away from the game, or with other alliances:

1. Uncalled for attacks are frowned upon, and are punished in any way considered reasonable by the King.

2. NES members must treaty everyone in the game equally, no matter if you hate them alot like Sonic, or not.

3. NES members who post on the OWF forums on the Main Boards must remember to abide by the rules set about on that forum.

4. Impersonating anyone for malicious purposes, or for a gain, are overall, frowned upon.

5. Spying on anyone outside the game is frowned upon.

IV. Government

Section I: Regarding the King

The King is the acting figure head of the fabled NES, and has the final say in any matters which may crop up. He is also the possessor of the Golden NES.

Section 2: Regarding the Joker

The Joker is highest appointed advisor to the King, and is of course, the natural successor to the Golden NES. The Joker, of course, has to make sure that anything that the King demands, even if it involves beating up those pesky plumbers or building his magical Koopa Copter. The Joker can also add his seal of approval over any applicant that pops up.

Section 3: Regarding the Roid Rage

The Roid Rage is the head of a top secret organisation saving your life every day without you even noticing. However, he can't go on a one-man-stand on his own without the excessive approval of the King. He may also create any titles or organizations that he seems to further propel his purpose in life.

Section 4: Regarding the Coin Maker

The Coin Maker controls the minting of money within the company, and any of the members. He can also create titles or organizations if he feels it helps make him feel bigger.

Section 5: Regarding the Dealer

The Dealer is the dominatrix of any diplomatic affairs which may occur. Anyone he appoints are the poster-boys of the NES library to other foreign investors. He is also able to create titles and...you know the rest already, so I'll stop there.

V. Titles

I. Over time, members who aren't in the Government shall be time based on their performance and overall awesomeness, these are to be watched out for, because the better the title, the greater they are!

VI. Flag and Team Colour

I. As we are a gaming alliance, I recommend switching to Custom 10 due to the awesomeness of our alliance flag.

II. As we are a Black Team alliance, we recommend that any nations who are with us should consider changing to this colour to allow for a greater unity on the Colour Sphere.

VII. War

I. NES shall only go to war after careful consideration by the King.

VIII. In-game Spying

I. Spying is bad, like posing like a SEGA fanboy, don't DO IT!

IX. Tech Raiding

I. Whilst Tech Raiding is a tricky subject, we understand that to allow for our nations to experience war first-hand, we allow them to raid, as long as they follow these distinct rules:

1. Members may only raid one nation at a time, and it is advised to never stand a fight you can't finish.

2. Members are strictly prohibited from raiding anyone on the Red or Black Team.

3. Members may not raid someone being raided by a comrade.

4. Members may not raid anybody who is flying a Alliance Affiliation which has 5 or more members contained within their ranks.

5. NES has no obligation to assist anyone who engages in raiding.

6. Members who engage in tech raiding must send a peace offer immediately to their target after finishing the raid..

7. Should a member be attacked after sending the peace offer, contacting a member of government is recommended before getting your revenge.

8. Failure to comply with the above rules may void your warranty.

Signed by the Ruling Council on Sunday, 15 March, 2009

Franz Ferdinand, King Koopa

Colstream, Roid Rage

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New Enjoyment Smell


NES and The Dark Evolution's First Day Agreement!

1. The master has purchased a brand new NES for him and his friends to play on. We are great, we are shiny, we have great games!

2. Dropping the great NES is bad, doing so results in violence, or shocking potential. Replacing damaged parts will be settled diplomatically and any attacks on the master or the NES will be settled without the need of blood.

3. Sometimes, games can be played hard, and the system may overheat, or drinks could be spilt, and if the latter, shame on you! Both the master and the NES shall make sure not to say a harsh word about one another, with attacks on either of the dream partnership will be considered inflicted on the other party. However, if anything happens to the master, we shall act like a good system, and sit on the shelf comfortably.

4. NES shall not spark off any wars, nor will we sign any treaties with our evil buddies in arms without the master giving his consent.

5. Please make sure to clean me well, master!

6. If the master no longer needs me, or the NES needs independence, this joint set of vows shall be voided within 72 hours, and taken to the nearest Pawn Shop...oh, the Horror!

7. Thank you for purchasing your new NES!

Signed for NES

Franz Ferdinand, King Koopa

Colstream, Roid Rage

Signed for The Dark Evolution

UacYuri, Left-Hand of Foreign Affairs

Joey67500, Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs

Panginoon, Imperial Office of Justice

Max Beck, Imperial Officer of War

Edited by Franz Ferdinand
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*Note to self, if I ever create an alliance; have D34th make the flag*

This flag is cool but wasn't made by me, there are others good graphic artirsts in CN, MK are full of them :P

But of course I can do it if you want and pay a good price ;)

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