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Annoucing Additional Complaints & Grievances

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Since its inception eight months ago, the Complaints & Grievances Union has been the epitome of everything a friendship in this place can be. We have been through a great deal together in these past few months, and yet our friendship has held true. We stand together now, united in our honor, for we have all walked through valleys where it was all that any of us had left. We have survived, we have grown and prospered, and we are still here. And on this day, it is my pleasure to present to you a new brother of the Union, Vanguard. There were quite a few serious questions we had for Vanguard when first they entered into our halls, such as....


"Have you ever been in a serious social situation, and realized you have to pull the underwear out of the crack in your $@!?"

Article I.

We, the undersigned, remain true to each other, first and foremost, as friends and, more importantly, as equals. Our complaints and grievances stem from our similarities and brotherhood, and we can not be dissuaded from our bonds with our comrades.

Article II.

We pledge mutual defense AND aggression in times of conflict, doing so with the utmost trust in each others motives and reasoning. We live as one, and fight as one.

Article III.

In the course of history, it is only natural for friends to make more friends. As we are open and accepting of our allies' allies, a new alliances may be accepted into the C&G union with a majority vote +1.

Article IV.

In some instances, an alliance may feel that they are simply going in another direction. If that is the case, the alliance(s) in question must submit a private resignation 72 hours in advance, notifying the group of its intentions.

Article V.

In some instances, an alliance may take actions that the groups sees as unfit for the whole. As such, with a majority +1 vote, the group may expel the offending alliance.

Article VI.

This agreement is not a replacement for current treaties. Acceptance or withdrawal/expulsion does not void any treaties made outside of this agreement.

/s/ for Athens

Archon eponymos - Londo Mollari

Archon basileus - Rsoxbronco1

Theorodokos - Jgoods45

Polemarch - The Corrupt Teacher

Dikast - Lightningdelta

Didact - Medtech

/s/ for FLY

The Sovereign: Anenu

The Councilor: James

/s/ for =LOST=

Emperor – Wargarden

Minister of Internal Affairs – Tacoleary

Minister of War – Ninmeister

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Hombre de Murcielago

Chief Justice – Mandellav

/s/ for Mushroom Kingdom

King: Archon

Prince: Trace

Lord High Envoy: AirMe

Lord High Vanguard: SirWilliam

Lord High Treasurer: Azaghul

Baron of Exotics: Stormsend

/s/ for Vanguard

Grand Architects of Vanguard

The Sovereign, Revanche

The Vizier, QTUN

Architects of Vanguard

The Sword, Napoleon

The Shield, Rafa Nadal

The Hammer, Thaliak

The Treasurer, Petrovich

The Scholar, Fire Within

Welcome to C&G, Vanguard. :awesome:

Edited by Londo Mollari
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