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The Zombie Apocalypse is here

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Dear citizens of Bob.

It has come to our attention, that our world has been over-run with endless hordes of zombies. Due to the fact that most of the population has become infected with the zombie virus, the alliances of Dark Fist and The Centurion Brotherhood have found it necessary to team up and cure this infection - one bullet at a time.


The Zombie Toolbox Accords



Article 1: Peace

During our fight against zombies, the survivors agree to not engage in the practise of team-killing.

Article 2: Intelligence

If the survivors find a location of zombie hordes, they agree to warn each other promptly. It's important to cover each other's backs and look in all directions. It's also important, to not do anything bad behind each other's backs.

Article 3: Aid

In the event of a bloody battle with zombies, where one of the survivors gets hurt, the other agrees to share their first-aid kits and pain pills.

Article 4: Defence

If one of the survivors comes under attack by zombies, the other must promptly do everything in their power to help - using whatever guns, ammunition and explosives they have at hand. Pipebombs are highly recommended. Special priority must be given to saving the other survivor from hunters, smokers, boomers and witches. In the event of that either signatory must battle a tank, all heavy weapons must be mobilised to take down the beast.

Article 5: Aggression

If a survivor decides to attack a group of zombies first, they may ask the other survivor for help - however any such help is optional, yet encouraged.

Article 6: Civility

The survivors agree to be careful and refrain from dealing out friendly fire at all times - especially during zombie shoot-outs.

Article 7: Cancellation

Should the survivors find that they no longer require help fighting the zombies, they may cancel these accords with a 72 hour notice.

Signed for Dark Fist

Daikos, Diarch

Starcraftmazter, Diarch

Martinius, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Signed for The Centurion Brotherhood

King Xander the Only, King of the Brotherhood

The Royal Centurion Court


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Heh, neat name for a treaty.

/me has just two questions though.

1: Who's going to bring the road construction signs.

2: Who's going to pry the ones who can't stand being within a thousand leagues of a zombie out from under their beds?

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