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Announcement from the Common Defense Treaty


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Common Defense Treaty

Official Statement

Today is a historical moment for the Common Defense Treaty. Today, the seven alliances within have reached a higher level of mutual respect and understanding for each other, and as a result of that, we have agreed upon the following:

Article IX - The Commission

The Common Defense Treaty will be represented by the CDT Commission. Alliances within CDT will select one Commissioner each from amongst their own numbers. The Alliances also determine how long their Commissioner serves, who to replace him/her with etc.

The Commission will be led by the CDT Chairman. The Chairman is one of the Commissioners and is determined on a monthly rotational basis.

The Commission is responsible for the promotion and good health of the bloc and also for promoting co-operation, communication and furthering good will amongst the alliances of CDT. It will also offer assistance to CDT alliance protectorates; to help them grow and (if requested) co-ordinate aid, military or otherwise.

The Chairman will be responsible for announcements and allocating Commissioners into roles that best suit their skills. i.e. military co-ordination, communication, protectorates etc.

This will replace the previously existing CDT Trilat.

The current list of CDT Commissioners is as follows:

Destructiox of Carpe Diem

Danizduhman of the Dark Evolution

Vespassianus of the Fellowship of Elite Allied Republics

Sperley of Invicta

jonnygozy of the United Commonwealth of Nations

Divine Proportion of the United Purple Nations

Sig of the United Sovereign Nations

And I’m the first Chairman. Oh gosh, I’m so excited! :awesome:

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