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End of an Era

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The CDS was a great place, wasn't it? Yet all great things must come to an end. When my good friend and fellow CDS'er Genome and myself saw that the end was nigh for CDS and we could not stop it, we made a decision to found our own alliance. Thus was the Defense Confederation (DefCon) born, on June 27, 2007. Among the first to join us were Antitank, floor7, Reikno, Master Ninja and Biohazard. Antitank immediately went to helping me recruit, and eventually we came to acquire such great members as Yossarian, Sydero, Don Fernando, Ricardo, and others. Don and Ric took over when Antitank unofficially retired... those two were some master recruiters themselves!

Time went on, and others came and went... Genome left after a few months. I shyly approached a certain Slayer99 and asked for a protectorate, which he granted. Soon after, OPP was born. I was really the only one in DefCon who knew much about the CN political landscape for a while, but along came... ZoomZoomZoom. I jumped on this chance and before long he was the leader of the alliance. I took a short break in Auric Armada, but didn't seem to fit in well. Thus I returned to DefCon. Months passed, members came and went (we lost Don and Ric to Poison Clan, but Ric was awesome enough to return :D) as always, and eventually I wanted another, more fulfulling break. I decided to try out TOP. Equilibrium had recently joined us and cowen I knew would help out Zoom in leadership. I was in TOP for a month or two, and it was a nice break, but yet again, my home called for me, and I answered my heart's desire. I returned, and for quite a while it was wonderful. DefCon just seemed to be my natural home. Yet, again, all good things must come to an end. Thus has the story come full circle.

DefCon has decided to join our good friends in The Order of Light.

DefCon meant so much to me for so long, it's honestly hard for me to put into words. I'm sad to see her fade away, but she truly will live on in the hearts of her former members.

TOOL, you better take good care of us, or there will be a huge civil war on your hands! (joke, joke)

I'd like to thank our awesome allies: Our OPP brothers: VA, SSSW18, GRAN: we go way back, and it's been an awesome trip we've shared together.

NEW: we found you late, so to speak, but you Indonesian nuts are some epic allies to have. ;)

TPF, Slayer99 in particular, thanks for taking us under your wing so long ago, and for everything since.

And TOOL: well, I already covered you guys. :D Glad to be joining you.

Also, I'd like to thank ZoomZoomZoom for all the hard work he put into the alliance, as well as so many others... Ricardo, Don, Sydero (way back!), Reikno, Yossarian, cowen, maka, James Maximus, Genome of course.. I'm sure I'm missing plenty. But thank you, to all current and past DefCon'ians. Wait, current? We're TOOLs now!

Good night, DefCon. May you rest in peace.

P.S. TOOL will be protecting the "Defense Confederation" and "DefCon Applicant" AAs for 30 days, so please don't mess. Kthx.

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ZoomZoomZoom's Thoughts


It has been one hell of a journey!!

Defense Confederation, otherwise known as DefCon, was formed on June 27, 2007. That is 19 months of sweat and tears put into a great AA. I personally had the pleasure of joining for 12 of those months and have seen it take flight so many times and in so many ways. We were founded on white with excellent principles and by excellent people. ( :wub: rab) I was initially drawn to the AA for mostly petty reasons including: Being #1 in an AA, the acronym was awesome, and I heard excellent reviews about rabonnobar.

We always wanted to create the perfect community and whether it was perfect or not – it was awesome and something I hope can continue to exist. DefCon is disbanding – but not entirely. One January 28th, 2008 DefCon signed one of its first treaties with The Order of Light. A simple PIAT called Snowfall, but it was something special. Almost one year later today we help TOOL celebrate its own ascendancy into 2 years.

Many members of DefCon put a lot of effort into the alliance, but sometimes it is never enough. We had our controversial moments and times that really made me proud. The Order of Light will never be the same with the new crew it is adopting.

Time for some shout outs:

To TPF- You were our protectors for a long time and our longest ally. Incredible leadership from the likes of Slayer99 and TheBigBad really helped shape the way we developed in the early stages. Without TPF we would never have met half the allies we had.

To Veritas Aequitas/SSSW18 – We met during the old days of the OPP. You’ve long been considered our brothers. It’s sad to part ways, but I know deep down you’ll still love us. Why else would you have a threesome with us?

To GRAN – You guys were cool as GRAN and then cool as Auric Armada. Things got sticky with Au, but luckily you guys got out of there before long. It was a pleasure protecting you as you grew back to size. Your stats are kick $@! and I expect to see 1k nukes from you by the end of the year.

To NEW – We actually were just leaving the OPP by the time you guys joined. You seemed cool then, but relations were never pursued. Over time we discovered your sexiness and general awesomeness. We joked about merging into you and using your forums with our nifty English – Indonesian pocket dictionaries in our hand. Google translator works pretty well, am I rite?

To the white team – You are all awesome. Glad to still be with you.

If you ever believed in us and never stopped believing in us we thank you. Stop by #cndefcon with your sad faces and party in #tool.

I’ll be on IRC still if you have any questions.

Thanks for the fun times DefCon!!! Good job rab, you made something to be proud of.

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Got a kick out of the DefCon threesome pic :P

It's very saddening to see you go DefCon, really great people there. Best allies any alliance could ask for. So for one last time, o/ DefCon

Best of luck in TOOL!

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o/ DefCon, one of the best experiences and times of my CN life. I loved every second, minute, hour, day, week and month I spent there. You will be missed. Even though my run was short, it was still a blast and an honor getting to know the members of DefCon, but I'll still be around... you can't get rid of the Maka so easily. Best of luck to all my friends. I have no doubt TOOL will take good care of you. They are quite awesome to the nth degree.

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To DefCon and all her members: Thanks for the wonderful time. You taught me a lot, we had immense lulz, and I made many new friends. After being there for 442 days in my 444 day nation, it isn't exactly easy to leave, but we've got a great new home.

o/ DefCon

To TOOL: Thank you for making us so welcome in our new home! It's already loads of fun!


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I'll never forget when I first met ZoomZoomZoom. His annoying scripts haunted me for months afterwards until the y died. Our treaty became something that was nicknamed after his scripts and something that stuck in my mind. DefCon have been some of the greatest group you can ask for in an ally. TOOL is honored that you'd even join us and shall call TOOL home.

DefCon has been a great group to get to know and I am proud to have called them my allies. So o/ DefCon and amazing leadership and group.

I am proud to welcome this group to TOOL and offer a home. It is sad to see a longtime alliance disband after so many months but together DefCon and TOOL shall forge a new future as TOOLs. :)

:wub: DefCon

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When I heard DefCon would be no more, I honestly was saddened. For a number of reasons, you all had been one of my favorite alliances in CN. When I heard you all would be merging into TOOL, suddenly the cloud had an epic silver lining.

/me raises his glass

To the end of an age, and the beginning of a prosperous new one. Forever for the Light!

o/ DefCon

o/ TOOL!

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