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*Buys 5 Carriers*


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I am now the proud owner of 95 aircraft (Construction is overrated). Who wants to bet that's the exact same purchase everyone who qualifies for Carriers makes today?

That's the obvious first choice, but what do I know. Anybody buy something different?

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I am missing 50 NS from my calculation now. Any help would be appreciated. I just bought 5 carriers and the additional 25 planes and my NS went up 1925 but when I do the calculation it should be 1875 (not complaining btw) but with Planes at 45 per level 9 plane X 25 planes = 1125 and Navy rating X 10 (carriers are 15 X 5 = 75) should be an additional 750 for navy and a grand total of 1875. Any ideas??

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Yep, I just bought 5 carriers and 25 planes as well. Sadly I don't have the aircraft wonder yet, so I'm at 85 planes.

My bills will be half my income (Perhaps a bit less) when I finish buying my navy. Not looking forward to that. :(

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I agree about the FAFB losing some greatness.

Now it's 105 versus 85, as opposed to 80 versus 60. So FAFB advantage above your opponent has now been reduced by 10% (from 33% to 23%). It's worth taking note anyway, and perhaps some people's wonder order will change because of this.

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