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  1. Thank-you for noticing my thread-winnage.

  2. I haven't in fact. I think I'll have to read something of Tolkein sometime soon. Maybe I'll stop by the bookstore today.

    Also, I heard your birthday was recently?

  3. Not necessarily, you picked up on Gaelic which I believe was the inspiration if not the base for Tolkien's elvish languages, so you must read enough! Anything Tolkien is a good read too though, if you haven't gone there yet.

  4. I really should read more, eh?

  5. Hey hey! :)

    It's Sindarin elvish, actually.

  6. Ah, and the best mod does her magic again...

    Also, what language is that on your profile in? Gaelic?

  7. Well you would make a Hawt X!!!!

  8. Sorry 'bout that.

  9. Gee and here I thought I was special :P:(

  10. I look at everyone's.

  11. Look at this creeper, lookin at my profile and such :P

  12. *Gebiv[DC] shoots Ro|SPAAA|Solaris with his peep gun... pew pew pew

  13. And the most truthful answer.

  14. Good answer! Extra kisses for you! :* :* :*

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