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I, Jonathan Brookbank, have recently returned from my self-imposed exile (OOC: Break from CN due to RL things), and I am now looking for an alliance. I'd like to find an alliance that focuses more on the relationships between its members than on how large or numerous its nations are. I have plenty of leadership experience in basically every department/ministry you can have in an alliance, so I can be a great asset to anyone that wishes to have me.

Feel free to post in this thread if you are interested.

EDIT: Only serious posts, please. Any posts here will be seen as "official" recruitment messages, and if I don't like them, it's going to lower the chances I join.

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Hey Jon! Welcome back to CN!

I would like to extend NATO's welcome as well and offer you a chance to join us. But why should you join NATO?

-NATO is one of the most diplomatic alliances in all of Bob.

-NATO has great internal programs as well as growth programs.

-NATO is a democratic alliance and every quarter you will be able to have your voice heard in elections, voting for who you believe is the best candidate and even running yourself.

-All the government officials are always looking for help in their departments so you can find a job pretty easily, especially becauseof your experience.

-NATO has a close-knit community and we are always looking for people that will activly contribute to our community.

Also, I have to say, In the few months I have spent in NATO, I have loved it. Everyone is really friendly. We would love to have you.

Again I would like to welcome you back to CN and wish you luck wherever you go.

I hope to see you at NATO!



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Hey Jon!

Great to have you back in the game. I'm glad all is well. As my esteemed colleague stated, I'd like you to consider joining NATO.


- Connections: NATO is in CDT and TC. We have friends all over Planet Bob and are not bound into one particular circle.

- Upward Mobility: Those who are active and who are talented move up very quickly in NATO. One of our members, who has only been in the alliance for three months, is currently serving as a military commander, an advisor to the President, and a head ambassador to Orange and Purple. Another comparatively new member is serving as a military commander and also works with the President and as an ambassador.

- Environment: Although it is a cliché, NATO does have very much a "family" atmosphere. We support each other and spend quite a bit of time just hanging out talking. We also spam together.

- Openness: NATO is not totally opposed to change. Innovation is valued and good ideas are tried. We are not stuck on doing things one way just because it was how things were once done.

For more information, please contact me.

Recruitment thread: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=19191

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I too would like to welcome you back to CyberNations. But right now I have to persuade you to join the UA.

The United Alliance, a reasonably new alliance with ten members. As you can probably tell we're not that bothered about the stats, we're just a group of friends that likes to have fun, but we also aspire to grow and develop as an alliance too.

Our community is a really nice, friendly place to come and just have a chat some time. The people who I have met and now know really well in my alliance I like very much and I have become excellent friends with them. I'm sure you would too.

Finally as you say you have leadership experience, we currently have a position open on our alliance council: Minister of Affairs - foreign and internal. You will be the manager of our economy, and will be a key leader of the alliance alongside your fellow council members. Apply now and I can put you straight into that position.

Stop by our forums some time to ask any questions you might have. Some other useful links:

Forum: http://z9.invisionfree.com/UnitedAlliance/index.php

Recruitment video:

Charter: here

Wiki: here

Thankyou Jonathan, but whatever alliance you choose, I hope you enjoy playing.

Jack the great

UA Leader

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I'd be willing to offer you a position in our foreign affairs department, as I realize your potential in that area would be a valuable asset to Echelon.

No pie, no caek. Sorry. We only serve alcohol in our establishment.

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MHA: Sanctioned and all, but my selling point here is that anyone with some experience, a level head and no history of idiot-icy can easily get a position in the alliance. I myself had gained command of the Active Legion One after a mere 6 weeks in the alliance. And that includes the month i spent just sitting on my butt recovering from my last alliance.

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Conversely, you could join the North American Hockey Alliance. We don't offer food or beverages, just nonstop hockey action 24/7. But if hockey is not your thing, we also play CN as well. We're small, we're white, and we're looking for members willing to make a commitment to building a fun community. You would fit this role perfectly. Also, the awesome Phoenix Federation has our backs.

http://z9.invisionfree.com/NAHA_Centre/index.php is our site.

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You know what I'm about, I know what you're about.

If you're looking for a small alliance where we actually could use the extra manpower (I know a few areas you could make a good impact)...catch me on IRC/Skype.

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Pie, caek, and alcohol are one thing. Being part the the glorious Norden Verein is quite another. Who needs earthly delights when you can stand shoulder to shoulder with your brother on the battlefield? Yielding for none as you step firmly on your enemies throat. Those who you fight will curse your name and those you befriend will be loyal to their last breath. If you want more than an alliance, and instead, a brotherhood unmatched by any alliance out there, Norden Verein is your clear choice.

I can be found on IRC at #nov on coldfront at ungodly hours in the morning and the majority of my work day if you want to chit chat.

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I remember you though I'm myself pretty new. My alliance, Elysium, would be honored to have another experienced person such as yourself. I know we have a few remaining upper level positions still available. We have a small initiation period to complete, after which you will get a nice Joining Bonus, the ability to help grow the alliance as a whole from whichever direction you wish to approach things, participate in below market priced tech deals, and more importantly.... You can be our official "Huckleberry" :)

OH Yeah!!... We have Ayrrie too :wub:

Whichever alliance you choose will be lucky to have you. If you are interested in checking out our fast growing alliance, go to Elysium's Forums. If you like what you see... put in an application :).. We'll contact you shortly thereafter to shore things up. Thanks again for letting us make this offer to you. I hope whoever you choose makes a nice home for you here. :)

Welcome Back!


Head Recruiter



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join the NFL

we are a 50 member blue team alliance under the protection of the NPO. we always look for members that have skill in our ministries and if you are as skilled as you say you should move quicksly through our ranks. we also offer programs to grow your nation and 3 mil in strtup aid on joining

so come check us out at nflalliance.co.cc

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Um... It would be hilarious? Oh! I know!

RIA fights MDC

RIA peaces with MDC, MDC gets 60 mil

Tulak Hord leaves MDC to found new alliance

Tulak Hord leaves new alliance

Tulak Hord bounces around for a bit

Tulak Hord joins RIA

Tulak Hord winds up King of Sparta

RIA fight GGA

RIA peaces with GGA, GGA gets 60 mil

Jonathan Brookbank leaves GGA to found new alliance

Jonathan Brookbank leaves new alliance

Jonathan Brookbank bounces around for a bit



RIA is ???? :awesome:

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I know that the NFL was already mentioned but i would recommend the NFL (im there too). We have friendships with great alliances and we have programs to expand everyone and all members in the nfl are friendly to one another. And dont forget the leisuraly pleasure of spam once in a while. We love new members and treat them like long time members of the gang. Consider us greatly. I am the general of the NFL and Quinpin is a triumvir. We have an interest in you.

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Hey Jonathan,

Welcome back at Cybernations.

You are invited to join M. Carter Brown, we are an Orange alliance close to 1 million strength.

I know your a very experienced player, so i wanted to give you the following offer:

In MCB we have very few people with experience and interest in Foreign Affairs beside me.

For this im looking for a Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and master diplomat that is also active on IRC, because its all pretty much to do on my own.

Give it a tought and you can pm me, meet me on IRC or post on our forums.

Prodigy.NL, Minister of Foreign Affairs of MCB


#MCB on Coldfront

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Firstly welcome back JB! Now on to business...

Join the International Security and Commerce Organisation (ISCO)

We're a tight nit bunch at about ~30 members, ~330k ns that have been around since Nov '06.We see a new member as another guy to enjoy CN with opposed to just another number. We have a democratically elected government, and are updating our charter, which new contributions would be greatly appreciated. If you're interested in getting involved in the alliance more than a General Member we have many extra jobs, and when elections come round you can run. We are a semi-neutral and peaceful alliance. And have lots of loyal and powerful allies. We have many Financial programs happening, aid for the 'little ones' and have many tech deals happening. Anyway we have very active forums for our size and have a very friendly atmosphere and I would love to see you down there.

If you're interested you can pm me here or our boards can be found here or at #ISCO on coldfront.

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