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  1. Nah, nah, nah,

    Hey, hey, hey,


  2. I believe that link is in the second line after the tl;dr at the top of the first post.
  3. Right. Just make them flat star shaped so they work better on a flag. You might also want to mess around with different colors (for all of the stars, don't mix colors) because it could use some brightening up.
  4. See it's already looking much better. The stars just need some work. A more for flat appearance would work better for a flag instead of having an awkward shine effect on each one. What symbolism do they hold?
  5. Here it is re-sized to roughly the CN in game standard. It works well sized down. There are a few things I really like about this flag. The first is that this is a perfect example of the cloth effect. That is how a cloth effect is properly done. Second is the tattered edges. It is not 100% realistic in it's tatter formation because the top and bottom of a flag rarely fray to that degree, the far right tattering would be slightly more uniform considering wind flowing over it would be exerting force over that whole edge uniformly (it would be in a strip like formation), and parts of it see
  6. I very much like the style but I think it has two main problems. 1) too busy Yes it incorporates a coat of arms (of sorts) into the flag and those are historically busy but coat of arms rarely work for flags. 2) it looks highly photoshopped. The bevel and shine effects are a no no for a flag
  7. Indeed. I think it would look very appealing and give a nice frame to the valknut which has an otherwise rough outline.
  8. While I am naturally fond of the symbol of the Einherjar and the color combination is attractive, the lettering and poorly outlined stars ruin it for me. Perhaps making the valknut larger and centering it to draw the eye better. Drop the lettering and perhaps create a semi circle under the valknut. Mind you, those stars still need some cleaning up. Just a thought.
  9. Now that is an example of a good flag. And I also believe the red stripes make it look much more dynamic.
  10. Your guess is wrong and your own personal bias blinds you to any other constructive conversation. Clearly admin is not versed in vexillology. Read the rules in the OP and you'll see where I base my critique.
  11. Wrong. Throughout this thread people have been critiquing flags based on the information posted in the OP. I was doing so.
  12. I see where you're coming from but that still doesn't work. Not only could the portion around the phoenix not be efficiently replicated but the "cloth" effects are different on the white and on the orange which would make it even harder to reproduce. Additionally, I have never in my life seen a cloth or folding effect that looks like that. If it looks like anything, it looks like a worn and tattered effect but even then it is too uniform.
  13. Perfect example of how not to do a flag. - every aspect of it looks photoshopped to death - scaled down, the phoenix is nearly unrecognizable if you didn't already know what it was
  14. Breaks the rules and looks like a gold and red blob when sized down.
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