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Who Needs a Horse Accords

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The Alpha Wolves and the Templar Knights, in the spirit of friendship and cooperation,

agree to uphold the articles of the Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact outlined herein.




Article I: Sovereignty

Knights agree not to meddle in how the Wolves run the pack, and the Wolves agree not to stick their noises in on how the Knights command their forces.


Article II: Non-aggression

Wolves will not fight with the knights or send in a sneaky wolf to spy on any knight; in turn the knights will not draw their swords against a Wolf and send a Knight into the pack in a wolf disguise.


Article III: Aid and Financial Transactions

When times are harsh and either alliance is in need, Wolves and Knights should send aid to each other. Knights and Wolves are also encourages to trade goods to help each other’s alliances grow and prosper.


Article IV: Optional Defense

If the Knights are attacked by other forces the Wolves are encouraged to assist the knights in battle, this could include Knights riding into battle on Wolves to defeat any enemy.  If Wolves are attacked by another pack the Knights will be welcomed to assist the wolves in overcoming their enemies, this could include the Wolves riding into battle on Knights even though it may look ridiculous.


Article V: Optional Aggression

Should the Knights or the Wolves plan an attack, either alliance could be asked to assist in the battle, but can always say good luck with that!


Article VI: Cancellation

This treaty can be cancelled by either signatory with 72 hours notice; all articles remain in effect during this period.


Signed for The Templar Knights :

  • Merick - Grand Master
  • Mandystalin - Marshal of Membership/IA
  • Blackatron - Marshal of Foreign Affairs
  • Northern Empire - Marshal of Defense
  • Sojourner - Marshal of Recruitment
  • Konstantine - Elder Elder Councillor
  • Tiger c - Medium Elder Councillor
  • Necron681 - Younger Elder Councillor


Signed for Alpha Wolves:

  • Malakarlian- Alpha Wolf that is "Winning"
  • Al Bundy- Beta Wolf / Black Team Women’s Shoe Salesman
  • Ricrast- Delta Wolf / Recruiting King
  • Stonewall14- Harbinger of Doom/ MoD
  • Airindale- Military Advisor / Frozen Lord
  • and remaining Alpha Wolf Council


Edited by AL Bundy
5th times the charm
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2 hours ago, Mandystalin said:

Wait, we signed something? 


I thought we were just spending the weekend in the woods running with the pack...

Hahaha signed and notarized!



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22 hours ago, MaineGOP said:

o/ AW & us! TTK!


I guess I need to get yet another discord channel.


Blackatron, start telling me things (the rest don't matter :P)

Damn, too many members posting here. Last thing I want is people paying attention to what I sign.

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