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KOREAN WORLD OWNER Important Announcement

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It has come to attention of mine there is another group trying to take my spotlight from myself. They steal secret ancient tactic created by me centuries ago of posting many threads at once. Very this unacceptable. I find these reprehensible acts must cease at once or face glorious wrath.


Kim Jong Illest learns of vast evil

This was opinion before I see post vastly abusing Best Korea national moose in motion picture within post.


To the so called "alliance" of Europa, which really just thugs of evil serving greatest devil, I tell shame.

Event this will not go unnoticed, prepare for holy smite strike down.

Declared on the day of reckoning,
Kim Jong Illest
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This guy is just entertaining.  And confusing.  What the hell is this?

A nice guy, I guess.
Another piece of music from the territory of Unified Korea, occupied and purified by the Femocratic forces two centuries ago :-)

Long live to the Empresses! Edited by Greatest Mothers
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Can't be me. My name's all lower case.
(Also, wth?)

I was equally thinking wth, but figured I'd be stupid for stating it.
You saying you don't know of off site news reports about yourself? Shit, yo, I've heard of you but apparently you're more popular than I thought.
That whole article just makes Zog awesome if anything.
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Oh hey, this thing. Right.


Notice of Annexation


It has come to our attention that the citizens of Korean World Owner have, for several months now, endured hardships at the hands of the imperialists. Most recently, they have caused mass panic in the major cities of Pyongdeebo and Kaechax, leaving us in Europa no other choice but to welcome our brothers with open arms into our own home. Their Natty may not be pure, but their hearts are, and that's all that matters to us. The government of Europa (haha we actually don't have one) has come together from across the globe via a new, high-tech communication device, a Book of Faces. This Book of Faces enables us to communicate via other worlds at rapid pace and work out our alliance strategy and policy. This was one of those meetings. 



Deebo has arrived in North Korea. The people cry with happiness. Great days are ahead. 



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