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CNRP2 Wonder Discussion


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So the subject has come up about what wonders should do, here is a list of all the wonders in the game, as people discuss specifics I will edit this post and once we have a final list we can vote upon make it a rule.
edit: 9900 posts, woot woot!

  • Agriculture Development Program -
  • Anti-Air Defense Network -
  • Central Intelligence Agency -
  • Disaster Relief Agency -
  • Fallout Shelter System -
  • Federal Aid Commission -
  • Federal Reserve -
  • Foreign Air Force Base -
  • Foreign Naval Base -
  • Great Monument -
  • Great Temple -
  • Great University -
  • Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo -
  • Interceptor Missile System (IMS) -
  • Internet -
  • Interstate System -
  • Manhattan Project - $
  • Mars Base -
  • Mars Colony -
  • Mars Mine -
  • Mining Industry Consortium -
  • Moon Base -
  • Moon Colony -
  • Moon Mine -
  • Movie Industry -
  • National Environment Office -
  • National Research Lab -
  • National War Memorial -
  • Nuclear Power Plant -
  • Pentagon -
  • Scientific Development Center -
  • Social Security System -
  • Space Program -
  • Stock Market -
  • Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) -
  • Superior Logistical Support -
  • Universal Health Care -
  • Weapons Research Complex -
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Agriculture Development Program -
        Anti-Air Defense Network - nill
        Central Intelligence Agency - nill
        Disaster Relief Agency - nill
        Fallout Shelter System - nill
        Federal Aid Commission - nill
        Federal Reserve - nill
        Foreign Air Force Base - Allows foreign air force bases in other nations.
        Foreign Naval Base - Allows foreign naval bases in other nations.
        Great Monument - nill
        Great Temple - nill
        Great University - nill
        Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo - nill
        Interceptor Missile System (IMS) - nill
        Internet - broadband internet speeds. Without this, there is only dialup.
        Interstate System - nill
        Manhattan Project - availability of nuclear weapons
        Mars Base - what it says on the tin
        Mars Colony - what it says on the tin
        Mars Mine - what it says on the tin
        Mining Industry Consortium - nill
        Moon Base - what it says on the tin
        Moon Colony - what it says on the tin
        Moon Mine - what it says on the tin
        Movie Industry - nill
        National Environment Office - nill
        National Research Lab - biological weapons
        National War Memorial - nill
        Nuclear Power Plant - nill
        Pentagon - nill
        Scientific Development Center - nill
        Social Security System - nill
        Space Program - what it says on the tin
        Stock Market - nill
        Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - Ability to stop nukes at 60% odds
        Superior Logistical Support - better field support
        Universal Health Care - what it says on the tin
        Weapons Research Complex - larger nukes as per nuke rules

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Pentagon in game adds 20% to attacking and defending ground odds; therefore an equal sized force should be confered a significant advantage, and as an example, my roughly 400000 strong force would be worth more like 480,000. This is due to increased operational tempo and superior battle rythim... able to better sense weakness in enemy formations and engage that weakness effectively.

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Requiring a NRL for biological weapons is sorta rediculous. Biological weapons have been in use since medieval times. I would suggest revising the wording to "Warhead delivery of biological weapons." Otherise, I like a lot of Zoot's suggestions. I'll be using a lot of his ideas and giving some suggestions for ones labeled nil in a list I will provide later tonight or tommorrow.

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This idea needs some work, and coming from me it may look biased. So I am merely mentioning it as an interesting concept and if someone else wants to formally roll with it we can..

All icbms should not be global. If WRC is to serve a function in relation to the caps, maybe it can determine the range of ICBMS or be one of the wonders that does. We also need to determine.. when does a nation develop a proficiency at ICBM delivery? How does it acquire range over time? I mention this because it's a critial mechanic of geopolitics this game lacks and it would make the game more interesting as then "basing nukes" just like in the Cuban missile crisis, Project Jupiter, or more modern sdi basing in europ dissucion... more plausible scenarios.

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Warhead delivery of bio weapons could be difficult because of the heat that affects the warhead during reentry... iirc Soviets claimed to possess them but idk if its true.

You're thinking strategic. I'm thinking regional. Like the SCUD-B.. which doesn't undergo as much heated re-entry. Edited by Maelstrom Vortex
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Let's see.
Mostly gonna go with 'felt' values instead of anything mathematical for now.

  • Agriculture Development Program - You can RP a greater-than-usual population
  • Anti-Air Defense Network - A campaign to destroy AA systems had to be done before attacking any other structures can be done
  • Central Intelligence Agency - RP following spyrolls can be countered better?
  • Disaster Relief Agency - Nukes, bombing campaigns, etc don't affect you as much
  • Fallout Shelter System - Sophisticated bunker networks protecting military and population can be RPd
  • Federal Aid Commission - No idea
  • Federal Reserve - Money's irrelevant
  • Foreign Air Force Base - Maybe add +1 to the aircraft modifier? Though that might overpower nations having it. Maybe add a flat number of slots. 60? That's 5 12-plane squadrons.
  • Foreign Naval Base - Add 1,000-2,000 pts to Naval Points
  • Great Monument - dunno
  • Great Temple - dunno
  • Great University - Add +2 years to your techscale if under the limit; Up to the limit
  • Hidden Nuclear Missile Silo - Global ICBM reach; Without, you get ~8-10,000 km range? only' half the world
  • Interceptor Missile System (IMS) - Always kill at least 50% of missiles shot at you
  • Internet - Permits high-speed internet (beyond 200 kbyte/s); Mostly fluff. Or: Permits international connection without being as susceptible to cyber-attacks. Or both.
  • Interstate System - Moving military stuff through your nation goes faster
  • Manhattan Project - N00kz, what else.
  • Mars Base - What's on the tin
  • Mars Colony - What's on the tin
  • Mars Mine - What's on the tin
  • Mining Industry Consortium - Resources are sort of irrelevant
  • Moon Base - What's on the tin
  • Moon Colony - What's on the tin
  • Moon Mine - What's on the tin
  • Movie Industry - lolPropaganda
  • National Environment Office - Faster NBC-cleanup
  • National Research Lab - Stealth craft cost 1.5 instead of 2 points?
  • National War Memorial - Dunno
  • Nuclear Power Plant - Required for RPing fusion power (and/or beyond that)
  • Pentagon - Get ~50,000 more soldiers?
  • Scientific Development Center - Similar to the Uni perhaps? +1 each instead?
  • Social Security System - Fluff
  • Space Program - You can RP space stations and moon landings
  • Stock Market - Money, useless, etc
  • Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - 60% killrate for nukes
  • Superior Logistical Support - logistics-trains survive better in RP?
  • Universal Health Care - Fluff
  • Weapons Research Complex - Something something bio/chemweapon-delivery
All just random stuff that I thought of. The collective wonders might overpower someone like me though, so I dunno.
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Interceptor Missile System (IMS) - Extra 10% chance to block nukes on top of SDI or RPd anti-missile stuff.
Manhattan Project - Required to develop nuclear missiles.
Space Program - Allows having a space program.
Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) - 60% chance of blocking nukes.

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Not sure why Manhattan Project matters. If you have nukes in game you have nukes is the current rule.

Lyn, just a thought, wouldn't your ADP thing be redundant since it already plays into the stats of a given nation that is actually articulated in this rp?

As said, I just wrote what came to mind. not everything of the above needs to be implemented. :v:
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Adding all of this to the RP just seems to over complicate it all. I think we are at a point to where we have developed our government and set down the needed rules for the RP. I believe at this point we should revert to having the GMs approve all votes and whatnot before they are written up and proposed because at this point (I'm not really talking about this one) it is becoming hard to keep up with and some of the things being proposed are a little detrimental. 


If you haven't noticed, two people have quit. I would assume part of that has to do with the fact that there is more OOC posting than IC posting and more rule threads than RP threads...

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