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TSA- TLR Optional Defence Pact

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It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce this optional defence pact between The Shadow Accord and The Last Republic. This treaty marks the beginning of a blossoming friendship that will continue to grow in tandem with the alliances therein. Without further adieu, I present to you, The Eagle Accord!

The Eagle Accord[/size][/color]

The undersigned representatives of The Last Republic (TLR) and The Shadow Accords (TSA) hereby enter into this pact representative of continued friendship and mutual respect.

[color="#FF0000"]Article I - Peace[/color]

Both parties will refrain from any form of hostile activity such as military force, internal subversion or espionage of any kind, and shall display respect and good will towards the member nations of each respective alliance.

[color="#FF0000"]Article II - Aggression[/color]

If one signatory wants to go to war with a third party alliance the other is strongly encouraged, but not obligated, to ride to war with them.

[color="#FF0000"]Article III- Defence[/color]

If one signatory is attacked by a third party aggressor, the other signatory has the option to come to their defense, be it militarily or economically.

[color="#FF0000"]Article IV - Intelligence[/color]

If either alliance receives information concerning a threat to the other or their allies, the receiving alliance will notify the other signatory as soon as possible and provide the relevant information, keeping the source hidden if chosen. Neither alliance will engage in or endorse espionage against the other.

[color="#FF0000"]Article V - Aid[/color]

The alliances may request help from each other in the time of military or political conflict, be it direct or indirect financial aid, intelligence information, or political pressure. Alliances are encouraged to fulfill these requests, but are not required to do so.

[color="#FF0000"]Article VI- Friendship[/color]

Signatories of this pact pledge to show only respect and good will towards each other. While this will prohibit outright verbal hostility in all its forms, it will not restrict healthy debate or productive disagreement.

[color="#FF0000"]Article VII - Cancellation[/color]

It is the hope of both signatories that this pact may last forever, or until the bond it represents grows to the point where an upgrade is merited. Given the uncertainties of the future, however, it is recognized that should any of the above Articles be violated, or should some major irreparable disagreement arise, that this pact maybe cancelled after 72 hour notice.

[color="#2E8B57"]Signed for The Shadow Accord:[/color]

The Emperor

The Grand Vizier

Secretary of Defence
General Milienius

Secretary of Internal Affairs

Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Secretary of Finance

[color="#2E8B57"]Signed for The Last Republic:[/color]

President and
Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Edward Reed
Secretary of Internal Affairs

Secretary of Development

General of the Republican Guard

o/ TLR
o/ TSA[/center]

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[quote name='Buzz Lightyear' timestamp='1308093057' post='2731477']
I didnt realize ppl still signed ODPs. I think they are kinda silly. If your partner is gonna opt to not help you, then whats the point of signing the treaty in the first place?

I think the idea of this is so that even though there is a option to not help, the idea is that as a friendship they would be more then honored to help. But also depending on what the circumstances are would define where the help would be given.

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