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Incompetent Gov Leads to Problems

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We, the people of UrINE have seen that the leadership, government and overall membership of UINE is incompetent and not suited to run their alliance. Out of the ashes of incompetence, a new order has risen to take the mantle of this proud alliance.


[u][b]Our charter[/b][/u]

We the people of this awfully sucky alliance, come together to form yet another micro. This iz to enzure life, liberty, and the pursuit of Cheetos. Any thoughts are not allowed in our almighty alliance, and shall flee far from thee.

Article I.
We may only be aligned to Peggy Sue
and which every alliance she claims as her victim

Article II.
We may not be on an AA that resembles U(r)INE or any of its alliances.

Article III.
Our government consists of a bunch of idiots, get over it.

Article IV.

Article V.
Why are you still reading this?

Article VI.
We love PS and hatez RnR

Article VII.
There I said it

Article VIII.
Oh, btw, we will warz ya if ya want uz too.

Article X.
That will be all, notice how I skipped nine?

Article PS.
A member made this charter, get over that too.

We also announce the breaking of Article I of our charter with the following treaty, an MADP with The Arab League

Article One.

We the Undersigned are now Blood Brothers.

Article Two.

We agree to infringe upon each other's soverignity.

Article Three.

Peace and Intelligence shall be optional.

Article 4.

An attack on or from one, is an attack on or from the other.

Article 5.

This is the cancellation clause.


UrINE & TAL [/quote]

Our forums are at: http://s4.zetaboards.com/UrINE/index/
Our IRC channel is #UrINE @ irc.coldfront.net


Baltus, Viceroy
Jammar, Grand Master
Pollard, Commander
Halin, Overlord
Diabloz, MoGEW
Sarmatian, Deputy War Minister
Fien, MoCNS and Policy Chief
porksaber, Gov
Razor, Supreme Idiot
Avakael, Imperatrix

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