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GDA has a new female overlord!

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GDA Election Announcements[/center]

GDA recently held our elections. The presidential race led to a runoff, which served to be one of the closest in known history, with the deciding votes being cast moments before the poll closed. Thus, we now announce the new Government for the May/June term.

President: darkhjustice (o/ new female overlord)
Minister of Defense: Shadowkiller
Minister of Economics: LegoKid
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Masterfod
Minister of Internal Affairs: sippyjuice
Ministers of Recruitment: SCUDSanta and BastardofGod

Congratulations to everyone.

(How many of you got scared that it was me again?)

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[quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1304367455' post='2704311']
For some reason I thought you'd disbanded.
Hmm, that's what a lot of people think; not sure why. Well, we've been here 4.5 years and we aren't quitting anytime soon, lol.

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PopCap's going to the Supreme Court, pending membership confirmation. We still intend to keep him around; he's been a great president. You have to be to clean up after my terms, lol.

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[quote name='xoindotnler' timestamp='1304363051' post='2704270']
I know there is a secret society of females that puppeteer all the alliances we know.

Yes, yes there is :ph34r:

darkhjustice, the duck farts at midnight. I repeat the duck farts at midnight.

Edited by ironchef
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