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  1. I was more commenting on the degradation in quality of the commentary. Sometimes less is more? Brevity is king? I'm sure someone else can give a more specific critique than I can at this point anyway.
  2. Well, if the express purpose is putting an end to the stuff that makes people consider you a threat to begin with, eliminating the threat of your perceived thuggery up until this point fulfills that condition, doesn't it? Kind of like how GOONS was able to beat this WCE without firing a shot, only since the involved parties realized it wasn't going to work out. Am I right?
  3. He can't help it, he just thinks hes the most clever person in CN. All evidence to the contrary be damned.
  4. Prove one instance of me straight up lying rather than getting two AAs mixed up.Go on. Im sure that with you can mine plenty of examples of my deceit and hypocrisy.
  5. Ah, I see that your reading comprehension skills are lacking then. Well you didnt say there were going to be anymore parts, so I guess I have something to look forward to tomorrow.
  6. NSO not doing things for great Justice?Unpossible. Hate doesn't show up spontaneously, you know. But I guess you could try the "lol jealous :trollface:" response, as cliched as it would be. Yes, because every single person in that channel appeared to be stupid regardless of how you framed those logs.Honestly, now you've gotten sloppy with this. What a letdown, considering I was expecting a grand finish from you.
  7. Me too. The funny thing about having logs is that you literally dont have to leap to conclusions about what people meant, as you have their words right there.I only said you guys would simply piss off more people. Then again, if you stop doing the crap you've been doing to piss people off to begin with, thus denying people a justification for activating treaties, you'll only enable this WCE to win in the end. Without firing a shot, I may add.
  8. INDEED HOW CAN YOU?! But sadly things were not to pan out as was intended.
  9. Hehe. Should never let your guard down.
  10. With RV and myself present, the set is complete. With my wingman we begin to turn that ragtag bunch of misfits into a hardened military machine capable of destroying GOONS utterly because of the obvious lack of any real opposition to our goals. Right?
  11. Im frankly shocked that that was the one and only time anyone ever found cause to tell me to shut it that entire conversation.
  12. I couldn't tell if you were being ironic or not when you were commenting on my musings in that channel. Ill just assume you were being sincere and your inability to twist it into some kind of an insult made you come across as slightly bitter. But its nice to see the main character finally got on the stage.
  13. Thats not a "bad light", thats just folks griping about wanting to find the right way to take down a group they dont like. So its pretty horrible for some people to not like another group of folks?
  14. "I dislike these guys" isnt really much of a motivation to begin with, so you have a point there.
  15. Yeah, but then they don't know who's trolling them. I guess I just don't understand the appeal of trolling when they have no idea who the one beating them over the head is. Meh.
  16. Well, the folks involved in the planning had something of a healthy fear of the aftermath of them taking a stand and failing. Respect is good and all, but it doesn't help you advance much politically when you're under the jackboot of those that you declared war against openly.
  17. Well, it depends on how much they want to fight said alliance in comparison to their own sense of Stat-well-being. It all comes down to self-interest, really.
  18. Bah-dum tsh. I suppose most people want to come up with a CB in order to reach that sufficient number, since most folks simply arent interested in a massive, full scale war for the sake of someone else's grudge.
  19. Why would you troll anonymously? Doesn't that defeat the point? Although I can see the appeal of the latter two, meh. Thanks for the link. God damn I can not type tonight.
  20. Eh, I suppose I am culpable somewhat from that perspective. Looks like I'll have to re-evaluate my circle of friends. Wait, whats WFCN?
  21. Were they found on paste-bin or something?
  22. *sigh* Clearly someone I shared them with was the leak? Im not going to point any fingers, but as I wasnt in the channel for the parts that are currently up on the blogs, its safe to say they had resources aside from myself.
  23. I didnt leak the logs, but I did record them. Huh. And I wasn't there for the stuff that's up now.
  24. Now thats spin right there, once again. It starts off...Well interestingly enough, but it gets significantly better in the latter portion of the conversation, when anything of relevance is discussed.
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