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  1. Opinionated analysis of any situation done in such a way as to portray the opposing "side" in a negative light is literally what spin is.
  2. C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!!!!! That being said, the situation surrounding the UPN was somewhat ridiculous, and could only have been considered a valid CB for a war if one reaaally stretched it past the point of believability. I'm glad ODN did the classy thing as an ally, and settled it before UPN wound up writing a check it's Warchests couldn't cash. It's best to not let your hate blind you, as a Sith, because the moment you let that happen, you become weak and are therefore cut down by your opponents. ODN, thank you for doing the Sith thing and using subterfuge to get out of a losing situation. Victory through cunning, I approve.
  3. Get to the main characters intro already.
  4. A turd is a turd, it may not matter what non-buyers think, but you know what you're selling when you try to convince some random idiot that the stench he smells is merely "authenticity". How disingenuous of you.
  5. People fall for scams all the time. Or just buy stuff out of sheer boredom. There are instances of rich people that were dumb enough to buy deeds to land on the moon, Im sure that it wouldnt be too much of a stretch that other rich folks could be convinced that a metaphorical turd wrapped in tin foil was also worth millions coming from the right "artist". If you value something by however much someone else is willing to pay for it, then you have some seriously messed up criteria for what constitutes quality.
  6. Well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Bahahahahahahaha. Im sorry, but you have no taste.
  7. It seems I was mistaken. Damn.
  8. Wait, you're saying that you're the political equivalent to this? Well ok I guess.
  9. Oooh! My parts coming up next!
  10. TehChron

    A quick apology.

    Youre too naive. It doesnt matter whether its out in the open or not, for it shall be unimpeded by the treacherous claims of those who would be my enemies. Sometimes boldness is a virtue. You have much to learn.
  11. TehChron

    A quick apology.

    Yes, well, I speak for GATO in all things. Really. Really really. Just go with it.
  12. TehChron

    A quick apology.

    Well, I forgive you, Omni. Time and trolling heal all wounds, as they say.
  13. No, its an original, custom work. I won't find it on google.
  14. Thanks Kzoppistan. And Zogg, cash is something I dont have to throw around at this moment.
  15. I've spent the past month going around to various graphics-inclined individuals for assistance to no avail. It's disheartening. I am attempting to have a .gif made as an avatar, consisting of two pieces of video, both of which are around 1 second in length, and the first being looped 2-3 times before moving to the second. I am making an open request to CN for graphics artists willing to lend me some help here. I even looked up accompanying bits of video on youtube, and have links and times available. It's just that none of the people I've spoken to have been able to do it. If someone's willing to lend me a hand and finally make this thing, Id be grateful. I honestly dislike having to take this step, but I really want that avatar made.
  16. No, that'll make him escalate it. And then zog becomes the person who provoked the !@#$%^&. At least, thats how the argument would go in an American court, no clue about Canadians.
  17. That actually isnt how that worked. Common Sense actually advocated people doing stuff about crap they didn't like... Anyway, to be honest, zog, I really got nothing. Sorry to hear.
  18. That line is so stale. Please retire it.
  19. Actually, I sincerely hope there is someone that can help with this, in which case, I could also use their assistance with something similar. Sorry for the parasitism, Harry Dresden.
  20. Meh, shoulda gone insane and ragequit for a year like I did.
  21. TehChron

    Dear CN

    Wickedj, next time join NSO, we're the one, true edgy alliance of CN. ALSO NO MOAR POACHING ATTEMPTS FROM YOU
  22. We don't sign PIATs. And we frankly had no reason to assume GATO government would be hesitant to fulfill their part of the arrangement until long after the treaty had been signed.
  23. We're friends with them, that doesn't necessarily mean that we expected them to fight with us. I mean, to be frankly honest, who counts on GATO's support that isnt IAA?
  24. Which your government would not have allowed to happen. Thats generally how it goes down for you guys. The membership may be great, but pretty often your Congress is full of infra huggers.
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