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  1. [quote name='TECUMSEH' timestamp='1323958245' post='2878839'] Wait, what? [/quote] UPN has made a lot of strides Tecumseh but you still have a lot to overcome, I am not saying your there yet but you are way better than you use to be and miles ahead of Nebula X.
  2. [quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1323926423' post='2878485'] AOD Brigade fits that position very well. I don't think you need any other candidates. [/quote] Nope the position belongs to Neb X at the moment, in fact it isn't even a contest at the moment. That said if they would have considered the matter carefully and double checked things before jumping off the diving board then they may have saved themselves a huge mess. That said if they are lucky VE may be nice about their so called mistake.
  3. [quote name='Cyber Nationz' timestamp='1323924012' post='2878438'] Maybe before you open your mouth, you check all facts. [/quote] No Sonic there is no need too, because its pretty clear you got all war happy and jumped the gun without first gathering all of the facts. Perhaps if you checked all your facts first Neb X would not be in this situation.
  4. Well I suppose with Legion and UPN actually acting somewhat competent lately someone had to fill the hole of fail on purple and give us a new laughing stock for purple. Seriously Sonic, this was just stupid on so many different levels.
  5. AOD Brigade would like to wish TSI and Shuru a very happy birthday.
  6. [quote name='queenhailee' timestamp='1320203874' post='2836904'] What are you trying to do to me? Nobody in Defense is nice. We're tough. Tough and mean. Tough and mean and ugly! /me waves the people away. Nothing to see here folks. He's just a little delusional band [/quote] You can keep waving the people away all you want but I have proof. I have you on record baking cookies...and since they were not poison cookies that makes you nice Seriously though congrats again Olympus, though Pansy I expect a good war out of you with the FA reigns in your hands or well whatever you use for hands.
  7. My congratulations to the new Olympus government, good luck to them all. P.S. Your minister of defense is really nice queenhailee
  8. The one time AODB worked with IAA, I was deeply impressed by the ability and heart that Chim had for his allies. It is a shame to see that this is coming to past, and I wish all of the IAA members good luck in their new home in GATO.
  9. Congratulations on your one year anniversary, I wish NsO good fortune as it continues to move into the future and towards other milestones.
  10. [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1320023009' post='2835328'] What I meant is that hey are honoring a treaty while its in its cancellation period... alotta alliances don't. [/quote] While I do appreciate the words, we would never have left NsO in a vulnerable economic state after a war. That said we will continue to aid them while they are undergoing reconstruction and until they are financially stable once more. Though we are small we hope to see our friends on their feet soon. While it may seem unusual to you that an alliance is honoring a treaty while in its cancellation phase, please understand that as our friends we would have offered financial aid to NsO regardless of the treaty state. We will always seek to aid our friends to the best of our ability while taking into account the context of the situation and our strengths and limitations. I do hope they recover well and I have nothing but good wishes for them as NsO travels down its own path. It is our hope as an alliance that fortune smiles upon them and that the path that they have chosen brings the results that they desire. I am sure that NsO will find that the previous few months while challenging for both alliances will provide valuable learning experiences for all and that they will use the events to grow stronger. That said as NsO and AODB learn from the past months, I am certain we will come out of this much stronger as each alliance continues down their own path.
  11. [quote name='Bernkastel' timestamp='1318939733' post='2827881'] Sure they aren't completely clean but I'd say easily 95% of it has been Arrnea. You must understand that as Brigade Chief, Arrnea has/had absolute power and authority per the (pretty useless in every way) charter, if we really didn't go along with his agenda, we'd be sacked out of gov for somebody that would be more loyal to his causes and interests. That was just a post-NsO kind of place in SOS. I didn't like many of the things (the whole trust test on you for example, Cata) and disagreed with many others but I still did it like any subordinate/underling would. [/quote] And yet you did not say, "No I will not." The charter is poorly written but that does not preclude you from doing the right thing and trying to stop Arrnea's shenanigans. Say what you will but you willingly contributed to the situations and seemed perfectly fine doing so up until your expulsion. Now its 95 percent on Arrnea, how convient for you... I am not saying that arrnea does not have his own guilt in the matter but that you had chances regardless of consequence to say no and went along with it any way. While I do feel bad for the members of SOS, it is hard to see them as innocent when they continually allow arrnea back into power.
  12. Glad to see you all back on purple, its good to have NAC back. Forgot to say congrats on the new treaty.
  13. Congratulations on hitting 1000 days LR.
  14. Hmm I give my congratulations to both groups. I am sure that this will be great for both parties. That said hi MD
  15. Congratulations to the new government I see a lot of familiar faces there and I wish them all well.
  16. Good luck and safe travels my friend. No promises on the next war though
  17. My congratulations to both of these alliances. I do not know SUN very well but Tetris has been a lot of fun in terms of getting to know. I wish both alliances the best.
  18. SNAFU has taken on a protectorate, well thats an interesting turn of events. Though SNAFU are pretty cool folks, congratulations to both parties.
  19. Today the AOD Brigade is proud to announce, in unison with the New Sakura Order, the upgrade of our Optional Defense Pact Treaty, The Sakura Brigade, to the new and improved Mutual Defense Treaty model by the same name . Although it is true that recent events have prompted us to fast track the announcement of this upgrade, this should not be confused with it being capricious or quick. It has still taken us over a month to get to this point, we simply choose to forgo our usual 3 month ritual of tossing this back and forth a few times. From the perspective of the AOD Brigade we feel compelled to point out that for us this is not an upgrade at all. We have always, from the very beginning of their formation, pledged our support to the New Sakura Order. We have never wavered in this, we have never turned our backs on them. Although our modus operandi is not to seek attention or to be seen, our presence has always been there for NsO and our allies whenever they have asked for our assistance. From the very beginning we have always seen our responsibility to our allies as a Mutual give and take. There may be those out there who have, incorrectly, believed that we would not necessarily support our allies through an ODP. They would be wrong. However, this upgrade serves as notice that our intentions should not be mistaken again in the future. Ignore it at thine own peril. We, of the AOD Brigade, would like to thank our allies of the New Sakura Order for their support and offer this treaty as a testament of our support in return. And to their Protectors of the Imperial Assault Alliance, we offer our gratitude and thanks for allowing us to upgrade this treaty with their Protectorate. And to all of our other allies and friends for always being there for us, words alone cannot express our gratitude for all you have done for us over the years.
  20. Kellory has moved down from leader, the success of Mio and Kellory’s Reward System Corporation has grown greatly. Expansion of production has been put to place to send out twice the amount of Mio’s sakura petals and Kellory’s acorns, all signed, than originally conceived. Disclaimer: Despite production expansion, none of the items constructed will have been made in China and/or Taiwan, or written in small kanji by native Chinese and/or Taiwanese individuals. Article I: Peace The New Sakura Order (henceforth referred to as NsO), and the AOD Brigade (henceforth referred to as AODB) agree to remain respectful and polite to each other in all channels of communication, public or private. They also seek to resolve any/all possible conflicts they have through diplomatic means. Both alliances should look out for each others well-being. As a consequence of their mutual friendship, both parties agree not to attack one another, and in the event of a treaty conflict that would draw the two into war with each other, this article will take precedence. Article II: Intelligence We have realized that the ‘hivemind’ has been a success in the assimilation of all sentient life in both the NsO and the AODB. We have come to agree that when one or the other come across information that may be found critical or interesting to the other alliance, we will use said ‘hivemind’ to share the information as needed. Failure to provide this information, or failure to keep the other signatory apprised of the current situation during a war may constitute grounds for the termination of hostile action at the discretion of either signatory. Article III: Aid The deities of both respective alliances have been pleased with our aid rituals. The ritual shall be achieved through a prayer to either God Empress Mio (in case of NsO) or Brigade Professor Band20 (in case of AODB). The aid rituals (provided if the request is not ridiculous) shall be committed to, as long as the favor of the deities is with us. Article IV: Mutual Defense It is agreed upon that in the event that if an outside force tries to set fire to set fire to NsO’s sakura trees or tease with AODB’s squirrels, then it is an attack on both alliances. In that event, both alliances will don pink armbands (marked with 桜団) and unleash our alliances’ secret mutant squirrel powers on our attackers. In the event either signatory declares war via activation of a clause from another treaty, the mutual defense clause may be considered in abeyance at the discretion of either signatory. Article V: Cancellation In the unlikely event that the two sides who have come together to make up the (New and Improved) Sakura Brigade, feel it necessary to part ways, the cancelling signatory will divide the profits of the Reward System Corporation fairly and give a 48-hour notice (relayed through private channels). Both signatories will still be considered a part of the (New and Improved) Sakura Brigade for that 48-hour period. Signed for the AOD Brigade band20- Brigade Professor and Leader Kellory- Great Sage, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nagato-san- Grand Sage, Minister of Internal Affairs Signed for the New Sakura Order Mio, Empress of the New Sakura Order, a certain electrifying harem owner, Vanguard of the Lolitariat, Goddess of Sweets and Other Delicious Food Items, also ~ Diablofan, Petal Council, Main Programmer of NsO, Smarter than Pollard and Blade Soviet Haruhi, Member of the Petal Council, Tsundere of Absolutes, Dr. Pepper Fan, 2channer, Yuri Domina, Lover of Napalm Delight & General Destruction, Weapon of Mass Moe and Eternal Trap Princess Sareya Krylani, Member of the Petal Council, Creator of Peach (source of the real squirrels ) and of Noble_Scarlet, Resident Bonta-kun Fangirl, Fundamentally Interested in Tohru Tohru, Member of the Petal Council, Frequently Made to Blush by Sareya >///> Saniiro Matsudaira, That Guy in the NsO (you know... THAT guy), Negotiator of Squirrel-Park Ranger Relations, Bumbling Inspector, and President of the Cave Johnson Fanclub
  21. [quote name='Buds The Man' timestamp='1308676171' post='2737411'] SHHHH your making sense and thinking like your supposed too. Apparently in Anime your not supposed to do it like that. Back to the long boat with you [/quote] He needs more mead clearly he hasn't drunk enough of it. Seriously I need to get some mead from you guys after this mess.
  22. Congrats to NAC on turning two, I hope you have many more birthday celebrations ahead of you.
  23. Glad to see Avalon finally has peace, I know that rebuilding will go quickly.
  24. [quote name='Schattenmann' timestamp='1304547490' post='2706266'] I think there are two kinds of micros: newb micros and experienced micros. Newb micros are small because no one really knows what they're doing, recruiting is sporadic, it's hard to keep people around without a support system. Many experienced micros are small for all those same reasons, but a lot of them are small because they're highly-idealized. As the leader of an experienced micro, I get annoyed at the amount of merge offers I get from newb micros. I've entertained a few, the people are always clueless about CN and clueless as to who I am, and as soon as it sounds like I might let them merge with CoJ, they go "ok, and I'll be [President, Emperor, King]." Gets ollllllld. The most funny one was Big Top Order; they asked s to merge then a couple weeks later I queried the leader and asked him what his plan was, and he replied by asking me who I was--so, you don't know who I am or which alliance I am in, but you want to merge? Riiiiight. It's just silly to me that the leaders of struggling micros come to a stable micro and think they get to sit on the throne and change the name etc etc. [/quote] There is a great deal of truth in this paragraph, I really have lost count at the number of micro alliances that are new that have sent us merger offers. I will add however that I think part of the problem is that the newer micros want instant growth without any work or effort put into it. They want to just take the easiest route possible to get to x amount of NS without having to put forth a great deal of effort. Thats not to say we haven't had some serious merger offers with certain alliances but for the most part a lot of them have come from alliances just looking to get ahead quickly.
  25. My congratulations to both groups, especially Tetris. I'm glad to see things going well over there, congrats to all the newly elected Tetris officials.
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