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  1. Good luck and safe travels my friend. No promises on the next war though
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    I need a new phone

    One of the best places to find reviews on phones is www.phonescoop.com. The reviews are all from customers who have purchased the product and occasionally sales reps who note particular quirks with phones. It really depends on the network you have your mobile phone with. The Evo is good but the battery life on it is well questionable (it does a lot and the more a phone does the worse the battery gets from my experience of selling cell phones). You also have to pay an extra 10 bucks a month for the 4G service when well most areas are barely just now getting 3G which is a waste of money in my opinion. Personally I like the Hero or the Samsung Moment for Sprint both have Android and the Moment has a slide out keyboard for typing which is helpful. I like the Behold 2 for Tmobile or you could check out their new phone the Vibrant which looks very nice. ATT has the HTC Aria which is well one that I have played with and it does very well (my area is dominated by ATT). It was very smooth in terms of operations and quick to the response when touched. I know that the Droid Incredible for Verizon is also supposed to be quite the phone.
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