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  1. [quote name='TECUMSEH' timestamp='1323958245' post='2878839'] Wait, what? [/quote] UPN has made a lot of strides Tecumseh but you still have a lot to overcome, I am not saying your there yet but you are way better than you use to be and miles ahead of Nebula X.
  2. [quote name='BloodFury' timestamp='1323926423' post='2878485'] AOD Brigade fits that position very well. I don't think you need any other candidates. [/quote] Nope the position belongs to Neb X at the moment, in fact it isn't even a contest at the moment. That said if they would have considered the matter carefully and double checked things before jumping off the diving board then they may have saved themselves a huge mess. That said if they are lucky VE may be nice about their so called mistake.
  3. [quote name='Cyber Nationz' timestamp='1323924012' post='2878438'] Maybe before you open your mouth, you check all facts. [/quote] No Sonic there is no need too, because its pretty clear you got all war happy and jumped the gun without first gathering all of the facts. Perhaps if you checked all your facts first Neb X would not be in this situation.
  4. Well I suppose with Legion and UPN actually acting somewhat competent lately someone had to fill the hole of fail on purple and give us a new laughing stock for purple. Seriously Sonic, this was just stupid on so many different levels.
  5. AOD Brigade would like to wish TSI and Shuru a very happy birthday.
  6. [quote name='queenhailee' timestamp='1320203874' post='2836904'] What are you trying to do to me? Nobody in Defense is nice. We're tough. Tough and mean. Tough and mean and ugly! /me waves the people away. Nothing to see here folks. He's just a little delusional band [/quote] You can keep waving the people away all you want but I have proof. I have you on record baking cookies...and since they were not poison cookies that makes you nice Seriously though congrats again Olympus, though Pansy I expect a good war out of you with the FA reigns in your hands or well wha
  7. My congratulations to the new Olympus government, good luck to them all. P.S. Your minister of defense is really nice queenhailee
  8. The one time AODB worked with IAA, I was deeply impressed by the ability and heart that Chim had for his allies. It is a shame to see that this is coming to past, and I wish all of the IAA members good luck in their new home in GATO.
  9. Congratulations on your one year anniversary, I wish NsO good fortune as it continues to move into the future and towards other milestones.
  10. [quote name='Unknown Smurf' timestamp='1320023009' post='2835328'] What I meant is that hey are honoring a treaty while its in its cancellation period... alotta alliances don't. [/quote] While I do appreciate the words, we would never have left NsO in a vulnerable economic state after a war. That said we will continue to aid them while they are undergoing reconstruction and until they are financially stable once more. Though we are small we hope to see our friends on their feet soon. While it may seem unusual to you that an alliance is honoring a treaty while in its cancellation phase, ple
  11. [quote name='Bernkastel' timestamp='1318939733' post='2827881'] Sure they aren't completely clean but I'd say easily 95% of it has been Arrnea. You must understand that as Brigade Chief, Arrnea has/had absolute power and authority per the (pretty useless in every way) charter, if we really didn't go along with his agenda, we'd be sacked out of gov for somebody that would be more loyal to his causes and interests. That was just a post-NsO kind of place in SOS. I didn't like many of the things (the whole trust test on you for example, Cata) and disagreed with many others but I still did it like
  12. Glad to see you all back on purple, its good to have NAC back. Forgot to say congrats on the new treaty.
  13. Congratulations on hitting 1000 days LR.
  14. Hmm I give my congratulations to both groups. I am sure that this will be great for both parties. That said hi MD
  15. Congratulations to the new government I see a lot of familiar faces there and I wish them all well.
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