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  1. We have one slot open, as a long-time member dropped out. If you're interested in taking his place, change your resources to coal and oil and pm or offer me a trade in-game. http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_display.asp?Nation_ID=271588
  2. I'd rather read this than a bunch of "Here is our new government!" threads. o/ VODKA!
  3. This would be more fun if people made teams of 3 instead. The teams wouldn't be based around alliances, any three nations that wanted to team up would be allowed to. Each team would face another team for one war cycle, at the end of which a winner would be determined by some set formula (ex. amount of damage done). The winning team would move on to the next round, and the losing team would be eliminated. The rounds would continue with a very short recovery period after each cycle until eventually one team is declared the winner. At that point, if there are prizes they would be awarded, but to
  4. I've always preferred the Slavic pronunciation Graemlynes myself
  5. [quote name='LittleRena' timestamp='1320646599' post='2840938'] Nice attempt to try to twist words but as I recall, those losses where against a larger coalition totalling more than NPO, with the exception of the FAN-1V war which ended around the time of Karma war. Point is, Legion are much bigger than Tetris and NSO, although there was a point in the war where the coalition of alliances techinically had more strength but it wasn't fully used, irrelevent though. To say Tetris failed in some way because they lost to a larger alliance is silly. [/quote] Tetris (and NSO) failed when they
  6. Congrats Legion on your victory and for successfully blue-balling NSO, MK, and VE from the global war they were working oh-so-hard for. My respect for Legion? Sky-rocketed My respect for those others? Plummeted
  7. Great, now we have to spend the next year listening to NSO and Legion both talk about how they "would've" won if MK and VE hadn't stepped in. Good job.
  8. Let the SUN shine bright! Onward to victory! o/ SUN!
  9. [quote name='The Big Bad' timestamp='1318191917' post='2821665'] No doubt your aid will be enjoyed by Legion as they take it from the hapless people you are funding and use it against NSO who is the only alliance giving them a fight. So in the end your funding the embarrassment of your allies, the death of IAA and Legions war against NSO. I guess your right your getting one hell of a bang for your buck. [/quote] This. Times 100.
  10. [quote name='Methrage' timestamp='1318037720' post='2820331'] What about those who aren't allied to Legion, but sympathize with Legion's situation and feel like sending them some aid, would you encourage them to do the same as well? [/quote] "Legion are currently at war with the NSO and various other alliances. I would ask that you cancel your aid offer to their member. Thanks! Varianz, Sith Lord" Does that answer your question?
  11. So you have 5 government spots, and 5 members. Would it be correct to assume that your mysterious "Big Brother" is the only guy not specifically named in your charter? Also good luck, congratz, etc. etc. etc.
  12. Be Careful What You Wish For, UPN [size="1"]TO ARMS[/size]* *[size="1"]arms not actually included[/size] Seriously though, declare or don't, but stop pretending you're tough. A call-out thread doesn't mean a thing unless you have the cahonies to back it up. (and i don't think you do)
  13. Your right to exist is equal to or less than my right to destroy you!
  14. Nice to see this! Neb-X is a good group of people. Zeon is as well. Congratz on your upgrade. o/ Nebula-X o/ Zeon
  15. It's about time this finally came through! o/ Zeon! SIEG ZEON
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