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The BiPolar Myth: What I Should Have Published 174 Day Ago




I left Polaris 173 days ago, due to the absolutely asinine "PG policy" that is only selectively enforced based on who is on IRC and how much they like you. I have to admit, it was probably one of my best moves because, I was not very well suited to the culture. I was unfailingly loyal to Polaris during my tenure, and have an insatiable penchant for being blatantly honest. During my time in the NpO, I was a combatant in the conflict known as the "Bi-Polar War", which most of the world agrees was a political disaster for Polaris, and resulted in most of our political prestige being obliterated in one fell swoop because of Almighty Grubs incompetence.

While I was in, following BiPolar, I constantly clashed with the ruling body over my desire to tell the truth. Unlike most alliances where loyalty is to the good of the alliance; Polaris is a personality cult. Whatever version of history is written is taken to heart, even if it is blatantly wrong. Such is Polar's internal history of the BiPolar conflict. While I diligently searched for the truth that was easy to find, and well known by most of the world, the Polaris myth maker crafted a suitable tale that played right to the conditioned sense of victim hood that Polar has constantly placed itself in since the War of the Coalition.

The major tenant of the tale essentially can be boiled down to one major fallacy; That the preemptive strike on the forces of the Complaints and Grievances Union by TOP and it's allies was not warranted, or supported by NpO or it's government. To those veterans that remain in Polar it is disrespectful to not show them the truth and expose the lies that are spoon fed the them. So let's take a trip down memory lane, and expose to errors of the past.

The BiPolar conflict was instigated by Almighty Grub's desire to take a stand against IC rhetoric that he found unacceptable. In reality though, it was just a petty excuse to perform a good old roll-fest, and the rest of the world seen that. The Mushroom Kingdom was offended, and rightfully so, that it's allies at Polaris would place them in an ethical dilemma, and attack an alliance based on behavior that was also typical of Mushroom Kingdom members.

In the weeks prior to the war, Polaris-TOP relations made seemingly significant progress. Whereas Polaris and MK were morally at odds, TOP and NpO shared beliefs on what was considered acceptable behavior. Where TOP went wrong, is that they really believed in their own rhetoric, and took believed that Polaris felt the same. Unfortunately, this was nowhere near the case.

Below are excerpts of a previous work that I did on the BiPolar conflict, and was internal to only the NpO and a few selected friends. For the most part, it is written in the first person, with event in chronological order, that stick to the Polaris myth.

On January 20 2010, the New Polar Order declared war on the alliance \m/, formerly known as Bel Air, because of a dispute over an alliance wide techraid against a little known alliance called FoA and a broad definition of community standards. Grub and \m/embers feuded back and forth for a few days prior on the OWF, basically in what amounted to a pissing match and e-penis contest. \m/ said bring it, so we did. An open ended peace offer was left on the table indefinitely.

Everything contained above is essentially correct, although someone may want to dispute the motivation for going to war. I don't care. I am no moralist. Another thing to mention, is that \m/ and Poison Clan were notified days prior to our DoW that we would be rolling tanks.

Between January 20th and the 28th, the war escalated with multiple treaties being activated. NSO was the first to declare war in support of NpO. The war became fully enveloped.
On January 28th 2010, NpO exited the battlefield in unilateral agreement with \m/ and FOK. The same day, TOP and Freinds attack CnG preemptively against our wishes. It was not a sanctioned attack on our allies and we never explicitly stated that we would not honor our treaty obligations regardless of circumstances. Rather is Dajobo has informed me, it was merely an agreement if and only IF CnG entered the war against us. At the time there was some reason to believe they would eventually, but nothing conclusive. TOP also insisted on operating as their own coalition and not a part of our greater body of allies. The following day, the 29th most alliances that entered for treaty obligations declare white peace.

Actually, the logs that Crymson provided me months ago blatantly disproves the premise that the attacks were not sanctioned, or encouraged.

Logs from the 24th of January

#01[22:37] <Crymson[TOP]> We have finished voting. We are in.

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> thank you

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> I appreciate the support

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> just be careful

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> please

#01[22:38] <Crymson[TOP]> We've our own interests in this as well, namely defeating SC.

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> yes

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> I know

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> just be careful

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub> but give them hell

[22:38] <AlmightyGrub>

#01[22:38] <Crymson[TOP]> While we agree with your views on \m/, defeating SC, their threat to us and what they stand for in general is what's most important to us right now.

#01[22:38] <Crymson[TOP]> Be careful?

[22:39] <AlmightyGrub> watch where you roll into[22:39] <AlmightyGrub> I havent looked at the situation

[22:39] <AlmightyGrub> and I know you will

#01[22:39] <Crymson[TOP]> What specific potential dangers do you see?

[22:39] <AlmightyGrub> getting matched up against alliances too small for you

The logs above already hint of a premptive strike on CnG mere days into the war.

Logs from the 27th

[01:50] <AlmightyGrub> so how does it look to you?

#01[01:51] <Crymson[TOP]> The war? I think we can win if we stick together.

#01[01:51] <Crymson[TOP]> We've still got a lot of alliances in resreve.

#01[01:51] <Crymson[TOP]> *reserve

[01:51] <AlmightyGrub> indeed

#01[01:52] <Crymson[TOP]> We're hitting CnG in about 45 hours.

[01:52] <AlmightyGrub> awesome

Session Start: Wed Jan 27 23:12:43 2010

Session Ident: AlmightyGrub

#01[23:12] <Crymson[TOP]> Will STA care if we hit MK?

[23:13] <AlmightyGrub> probably

[23:13] <AlmightyGrub> I wont though

#01[23:14] <Crymson[TOP]> Can you speak with them?

#01[23:14] <Crymson[TOP]> Will you, rather

[23:14] <AlmightyGrub> okay

[23:21] <AlmightyGrub> that is all systems go

These logs show that Grub knew of the preemptive strike on CnG nearly 2 days prior to it, and did absolutely nothing to prevent it, and did not voice any opposition to it. The second log actually shows Grubs support of an attack on MK, one of NpO's direct allies.

This was in the channel where we had a few people from our side planning the war. The 'story' being referred to, as you can probably discern from the context, is that TOP and IRON are planning to attack C&G pre-emptively. I deliberately lied to Ivan in an (ultimately vain) effort to keep it under wraps.
[10:28] <Moridin> Well it appears the story is getting out

[10:28] <Moridin> <Moldavi> I know that Polar-MK relations have waned a bit in recent weeks but the treaty still exists, right?

[10:28] <Moridin> <Moridin> The treaty exists, but we can treat it as void if need be

[10:28] <Moridin> <Moldavi> Okay, what do you think (hypothetically) the Polar position would be if say TOP and IRON offensively declared on CnG?

[10:28] <LM|Away> that was quick

[10:29] <Moridin> I'm playing dumb

[10:30] <Moridin> <Moridin> The treaty is non chaining, so it shouldn't be an issue

[10:30] <Moridin> <Moldavi> But it is a MDoAP, right? TOP and IRON would be just declaring without any treated reason,.

[10:30] <Moridin> <Moridin> why would they do that?

[10:30] <LM|Away> moridin

[10:30] <LM|Away> say that polar would be furious

[10:30] <LM|Away> absolutely furious

[10:30] <Moridin> haha alright

[10:30] <LM|Away> and has told TOP and company they better not try it

[10:31] <Moridin> <Moridin> why would they do that?

[10:31] <Moridin> <Moldavi> Well, this is hypothetical mind you, so just saying it happened...

[10:31] <Moridin> <Moridin> We do not tolerate unprovoked attacks on our allies

[10:31] <Moridin> <Moldavi> Yeah, that is what I thought.

[10:33] <LM|Away> bleh I'm not a fan of misleading but if this gets out

When I was investingating what actually happened, I spoke with Moridin, who was the Minister of Peace(War) at the time, who left for STA during the course of the war due to what amounted to moral reasons. He sent me this message over the Polaris forums; unfortunately, I did not get the actual date, but the context shows that it is during the lead up to the war.

On February 1st 2010, NpO rentered the war by declaring on Global Order of Darkness (which is directly treatied to our allies in RoK). AlmightyGrub posted an Imperial Decree with Eleven points on it, among those was "The New Sith Order, being both treaty partners, good friends and great people require our assistance the most. It is my understanding that no peace resolution has been made to my comrades (by all parties concerned) and I will fight until they get what they need to exit this war." and that "We are committed to ending this war as rapidly as possible, preferably by a white peace agreement for everyone engaged including but not limited to TOP, IRON, C&G and SF and all their related friends and well wishers. I can not however stand idly by whilst my comrades are in deep trouble on our behalf."

On the 5th, we also declared war on TOP, effectively realigning ourselves with the CnG side. Up until this point, the world had largely viewed that we were with our allies that came to defend us. Even a few days prior, Grub stated to me in a private conversation that the relationship with MK was effectively dead, and that there was no word from GR. They were basically silent. In hindsight, realignment was a good move, but was not without it's share of distataste. We were now fighting one of the alliances that we had specifically asked that white peace be granted to. In response to the declaration, TOP released some out of context logs that aparently showed Grub stating that we would never honor the treaty with MK regardless of circumstances.

A few days later Polaris exited the war, and left TOP and it's coalition to shoulder the blame for the BiPolar, and to pay reparations that were only fairly recently completed. Let this be a lesson to Polaris to hopefully better itself, from it's shameful past; and a warning to alliances that are potentially seeking a partnership with Polaris.

I would like to thank everyone that helped make this document possible.

Thanks to Random Interrupt for providing me the encouragement and gall neccesary to always dig a little deeper.

Thanks to Dajobo for being the one of the few people in Polaris that made my tenure bearable.

Thanks to Aetherius Princeps who provided keen insight into the onworkings of the current Polaris government.

Thanks to AlmightyGrub for being a despicable liar. (Though you are probably just fine OOC)

I also have a special thanks to the person (who wishes not to be named) that helped recover my original writing from the NpO forums.



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Are you really still going on about this? Some people who were wronged certainly have a right to do so, but you didn't even suffer from the decisions. Get over it. Move on. There's a whole big world outside to hate!

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This is interesting.

It shouldn't be, there's literally nothing there that had not already been published, except maybe that last quote, which has been left unsourced for whatever reason.

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It shouldn't be, there's literally nothing there that had not already been published, except maybe that last quote, which has been left unsourced for whatever reason.

The last quote I have is not a quote, but part of the documentation I did months ago that was published in the Body Republic forums.

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Are you really still going on about this? Some people who were wronged certainly have a right to do so, but you didn't even suffer from the decisions. Get over it. Move on. There's a whole big world outside to hate!

I like having the last word. I was threatened with expulsion for my straight forewardness by your current Emperor, Random Interrupt.

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Here's a news flash for you. NpO was the same way 1600 days ago. Same Cult, different names in government. You're tainted now. Might as well leave the game.

And for the old school among us no matter what happens we still hold this adage near and dear to us in times of excitement:

The Orders are not to be trusted.

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[23:12] <Crymson[TOP]> Will STA care if we hit MK?

[23:13] <AlmightyGrub> probably

[23:13] <AlmightyGrub> I wont though


From one ex-Polar to another, the taint can be cured. Just think happy thoughts and say to yourself 'I am my own person' twice a day and soon enough you'll be all better.

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Pretty good job. I agree with Moridin though, everything in this was hashed and rehashed during that war. Interesting to see that Polaris has decided it needs to officially delude itself, though that's unsurprising given the shame that they would actually have to own up to.

And for the old school among us no matter what happens we still hold this adage near and dear to us in times of excitement:

The Orders are not to be trusted.


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Thanks for this. Excellent read. I actually left Polar after the war because of their conduct and this all re-enforces what many rank and file thought was going on at the time.

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That's the reason I left NpO in the middle of that conflict. I don't mind war, but I can't stand being lied to, and AlmightyGrub was just someone who, after all that came to light, couldn't be trusted. It's just unfortunate that there are a lot of people who still would rather lie about minor things (even major things) than simply tell it how it is, as if the only way they can get people to trust them is if they lie to them constantly.

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It's funny how NpO managed to alienate and betray both sides in that war. The betrayal of TOP and co worked out in our favor but it was still a betrayal.

It will also be a betrayal when MK goes to war alongside TOP to fight against NpO.

MK betraying former allies, yes it's the way I see it. But of course, MK and it's friends will say no it's not betrayal and why...because it's MK.

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You clashed with gov because you were (and still are) an insufferable tool, btw.

Also, it has been established numerous times that Grub knew of the TOP attack before it happened, but it must feel nice to hear yourself speak.

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Ooooh. The nefarious "haters gotta hate" meme. Your overuse of this, and other cliches only proves to everyone around you, that you are the very definition of "tool"

O incesto é o melhor. Ponha sua irmã para o teste.

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