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  1. I shouldn't be commenting, but I felt this needed to be said. During times of war, whatever you do within the confines of the game, and only within the confines of the game, is acceptable. The objective is to win, and failing that, the objective becomes "Do as much damage as you possibly can" and that is all that matters. Goldielax is missing the point entirely, and what he's saying is actually flat out wrong/a lie. Poison Clan is getting nations from other alliances, even sleeper nations from their protectorates, but that doesn't matter, because the only reason you're posting this is because you didn't think of it first. Poison Clan has used this tactic for a long time, and you know what? It's a good tactic, and this is war. You are at war with Poison Clan, and you're expecting people to follow some invisible rules of warfare that exist only in your own minds. The only thing that matters in warfare is the outcome, anything you do (outside of OOC !@#$%^&*, and if you even consider that, you should be strung up by your !@#$@#$ nuts) during times of war, is fair game. You want to spy? Spy. You want to trick people into surrendering? Go right ahead. You want to get nations from your direct allies to join in your fight? If they're willing, let them. What Poison Clan is doing is absolutely, 100% fine, you're just complaining because you didn't think of it first. This is like people complaining about the whole peacemode tactics thing (which, let's be honest, has never been successfully used to win a war.) You just want something to complain about.
  2. greenacres

    Tech Dealing

    Locate a big alliance, check their aid screen. Anyone either delivering tech, or being given money for tech, check out their individual aid screen. If they have a slot free, send them 3m and have the reason for the aid be "3m/100t? accept = yes" Problem solved. edit: It might take awhile to fill your slots with stable sellers, but it does work.
  3. Oh bizarre, the only rapper in the world who doesn't know how to rap on beat.
  4. Just for you. that didn't work.. just click the link.
  5. As astronaut jones, my goal was to piss everyone off, and I believe I did a decent enough job of that. I think rule #1 is a hell of a lot of fun.
  6. greenacres

    Future warfare

    People lack ambition these days. They're content to hold on to the little power/influence that they accumulate, and they'd rather keep things as the same as possible when it comes to enemies and sides, and very few alliances are afforded the opportunity to live down their past/show that they can change. There are no clear cut individual leaders anymore, there's no single person with such drive and ambition as to be the unquestioned leader of an alliance/coalition, the way the likes of ivan/dilber/moo/bilrow once were. I'm not sure that's a bad thing, but it's not really a good thing, that's for sure. Also, no one has any imagination. No one is willing to think outside the box and try to do things their own way, mostly because people just jump down your throat for daring to be different around here.
  7. you should add in your alliance, ya know :)

  8. Numbers are on FARK's side though. Those 150k nations won't be 150k for long with full war slots for however long this war goes, in fact, the longer the war goes, the easier for FARK it will be, it's only in the short term that they'll face significant damages.
  9. I see no ghosts in NEW. I see honourary members of NEW.
  10. Who knows indeed. I understand the need and want for security in this game, and why politics more often than not comes into play for everyone, and perhaps I'm too far removed from what PC is now, and maybe I hold on to the ideals of the old PC a little too strongly to comprehend why this decision was made, but politics was never what PC was meant for. NEW simply didn't deserve to be a casualty of the greater political game of CN. Again, it's just frustrating, if this were another alliance I'd understand, but it's NEW.
  11. NERRRRRRRRRRRDS! Bunch of nerds. (I'm kidding)
  12. I really don't think Pandora's Box had anything to do with the decisions of iFOK or PC. At least, I hope they didn't. iFOK isn't in the wrong, they had allies on both sides, sitting out when you have allies on both sides has usually been the standard CN practice, outside of dropping a treaty after deciding which of your friends is in fact your bestest friend. PC just doesn't know where their priorities are any longer. This is NEW, NEW would have been there to the death for PC, the bond at one point went both ways, considering the treaty took years to sign in the first place because of how unwaveringly loyal NEW has always been. PC had an obligation that, in my opinion went beyond mere treaty obligation, they were obligated as genuine friends to help out. They didn't, and it's disappointing. I don't know, treaties are only pieces of e-paper, and bonds these days are paper thin, that's all I got from this. [edit:] And I'm just going to say this, because I don't think people realize the quality of friends that NEW truly are. Yes, they make mistakes, they $%&@ up, have $%&@ed up, and probably will $%&@ up again in the future, they're like every alliance in that regard, only the most isolated alliances don't $%&@ up at some point. I've even criticized them in the past for using the "we're not really good at english" excuse to get out of trouble, I know who they are and what they've done and what they're capable of. NEW however, is about as close as you can get to rock solid in this game. They don't care for politics, they don't care for infrastructure, they don't care whether they win or lose, all they care for is their friends. If you're their friend, if they consider you their friend, they will sacrifice everything for you, and HAVE sacrificed everything in the past, it is the type of mentality that was shared between PC and NEW and it was that mentality that first drew them close together (outside of both being offshoots of TPF). They are just about the best friends, and best allies in this game that you can have, that includes all their faults and all their imperfections, and the trouble they're likely to get into again, they are still the best friends, and best allies you can have. It's just frustrating that all of that was forgotten so easily.
  13. You're forgetting the most important thing, that no matter what I say or how I decide to say it, I am always right. Going back to my days in CDS, I am always right, about everyone and everything, you can question my methods all you want, you probably should seeing as how I have no patience for people who refuse to see things my way, but I am always right.
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