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Translation Stuff

Seipher Caim


I was bored and thought about how CN would be if it were in french... and the most hilarious thing was the translation of the AA... Here is the first 20 alliances.

Hope you'll enjoy or make you smile ;)

1) Mostly Harmless Alliance : Alliance Globalement Inofensive (AGI)1

2) New Pacific Order: Nouvel Ordre du Pacifique (NOP)

3) Green Protection Agency : Agence de Protection Verte (APV)

4) New Polar Order : Nouvel Ordre Polaire (NOp)

5) Sparta : Sparte

6) Fark : Fark

7) World Task Force : Groupe de Travail Mondial (GTM)

8) Mushroom Kingdom : Royaume Champignon (RC)

9) Viridian Entente : Entente Viridienne (EV)

10) Orange Defense Network : Réseau de Défense orange (RDO)

11) The Legion : La Légion

12) The Democratic Order : L'Ordre démocratique (LOD)

13) The Order Of The Paradox : L'Ordre du Paradoxe (LOP)

14) FOK : FOK

15) Global Alliance And Treaty Organization : Alliance Globale et Organisation du Traité (AGOT)

16) Independent Republic Of Orange Nations : République Indépendante des Nations Oranges (RINO)

17) Umbrella : Parapluie

18) Multicolored Cross-X Alliance : Alliance Multicolore de la Croix X (AMCX)

19) Random Insanity Alliance : Alliance de la Folie Aléatoire (AFA)

20) The Order Of Light : L'Ordre de la Lumière (LODL)

Other languages could be fun to see and god! i'm so happy this game is in english !


1) Exact translation, taken from the 5th book of the trilogy, of the comment "mostly Harmless" made by Ford Prefect about the Earth.


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I wanted to do this for Dutch, but was to lazy and google seemed to easy.

There is a remark to be made on your footnote, I hope the french translation wasn't as bad as the original Dutch one. They named Ford Prefect after a bank in that one, which completely destroys the joke behind why he chose his name.

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Ce devrait être "Le Royaume des Champignons", non?

(It should be "Le Royaume des Champignons", no?)

Hey Potato, i'm referring to the official (meaning "wikipedia") translation of "mushroom Kingdom" in the miyamoto's world (LINKY here)

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Hey Potato, i'm referring to the official (meaning "wikipedia") translation of "mushroom Kingdom" in the miyamoto's world (LINKY here)

Never really paid attention to the official translation. It does make sense in a way. My bad.

Ca va, sinon?

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