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  1. When moving the Moon buildings, how do you place them exactly on the hotspot? Are you hand-entering a URL somewhere?
  2. Sad to see you go, STA. You were solid allies to us for a long time.
  3. Logo's better than the toilet seat at least.
  4. Ugh, you're simply insufferable. Please shut up.
  5. You guys down-declared in a pile on but at least you attacked two nations each. So far a wash.
  6. How far back in history do I have to dig to learn the reason for this particular instance of "revenge"?
  7. This talk started on page 6 with talk of keeping Polaris in eternal war over/via this decree. Lots of people previsioning how we'll execute this. Clairvoyants all.
  8. If we were in a war we could win? That sounds pretty good.
  9. I've always loved the tone of wounded, disingenuous incredulity that comes with this crowd. Also I hear that if you don't give with your friends in CN, you can't even give at all.
  10. Agree with the first part: sad to see this alliance go. Polaris is embiggened but the world is made less. For the second part I was hoping for a FranzJosef reroll, but wasn't disappointed anyways.
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