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  1. When moving the Moon buildings, how do you place them exactly on the hotspot? Are you hand-entering a URL somewhere?
  2. If there wasn't already the background mental issue of being in this world at all, I'd suspect Crymson of having Real Problems. Instead I suspect he's just a more extreme example of the monomaniacal nerd we get here. Still, his schtick gets tiresome.
  3. I can't recall what your post on my profile might be about.

  4. I think you meant to post this in TOP's forums.
  5. The only thing we can be sure of is that you're the coolest guy on these forums. Good job buddy!
  6. The guilty parties should own up. If they're proud of their actions what do they have to fear?
  7. Great interview. I can't let your use of "begs the question" go without pointing out how wrongly you've misused the phrase, but otherwise well-done.
  8. Yes, most computer problems are easier to fix if you have a font of free hardware.
  9. AGOT is actually pretty cool.
  10. "You just look out the window and see whether the economy is over-heating or under-performing." This is like my physicist friends saying "Fusion is easy, you just jam two hydrogen nuclei together!"
  11. So public opinion doesn't make them act decently, but they'll act indecently because of public opinion? Oh yeah, that makes sense.
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