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Another bored guy who makes War Maps

Seipher Caim


Hey there !

I was bored and used to do charts too for wars so I opened my excel sheets and my network analysis program and made this :


In all honesty, here are the other charts make till now :

Ada : http://forums.cybern...&showentry=2509

Shadoz : http://forums.cybern...&showentry=2503

And I add a link to one of my latest bipolar war update...

Let the competition begin and help us all improve our graphic and anlytical skills ;)

Hope you'll like it ;)


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Sweet, looks a bit like Ursa Major, I wonder if one could be made to look like Orion? In the end it'll end up looking like an globular cluster. Or maybe Canis Major humping a football?

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One advantage of my system is that it's not hand made... hence quick-to-made and structured to make dots position a function of the DoW.

Disadvantage is that it's nto "fancy" and can be difficult to read...

In short, my map doesnt show exactly the same things as others do...

Also thx Kriekfreak... give them hell ;)

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wooooooot I got a bandwagon following going :)


In all honesty, I generally do that for every war, keeping it for internal alliance stuff, and sometimes I get bored enough to create a blog post...

I like Shadoz's and yours and will enjoy reading it each day ! But like I said, I dont think we're overlapping too much in the sense that, for example, you show alliance color and I dont, I try to keep the same distance between dots for each war and you dont...

And I also acknowledge your work by giving a link to the blog post ;)

Have fun !

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