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Joint Dispatch from Krynn and Flying Hellfish United

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[size="5"]A Joint Dispatch from Krynn and Flying Hellfish United[/size]
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Some months back, a team of explorers from the kingdom of Solamnia passed through the Straits of Algoni and into the Sirrion Sea to the Southwest of the continent of Ansalon. It was there they discovered a new species of fish, one that was capable of leaping from the water to attack its prey and possessing a tenacity previously unseen. After further researching, it was discovered that these fish were, much to the surprise of the team, trained by the residents of an island nation. They called themselves Flying Hellfish United. After months of constant diplomatic contact and exchange of culture and goods, the two nations agreed to put their friendship onto paper. Without further ado, Krynn and FHU present the following PIAT.

[u][b]The Treaty of the Sirrion Sea[/b][/u][/size]

We, the alliances of Krynn and Flying Hellfish United (FHU) do hereby come into accord in the following principles and guidelines outlined in this treaty of Peace, Intelligence, and Aid.

[b]Article I: Sovereignty[/b]
Both parties to this treaty remain sovereign alliances, and neither shall attempt to unduly influence the proper governance of the other.

[b]Article II: Civility and Nonaggression[/b]
Both parties shall treat each other with respect in all communications channels public and private. No member of either alliance, nor shall either alliance as a whole, take aggressive action against the other. Aggressive actions include military attack, espionage, planning activities intended to be detrimental to the other, aiding the enemies of the other, and other aggressive actions not enumerated in this article. Breaches of this article should be resolved in the proper diplomatic channels if possible. Irreconcilable issues pertaining to this article may be used as grounds for immediate termination of this treaty.

[b]Article III: Intelligence[/b]
If either party has knowledge or intelligence that would be beneficial to the safety and well-being to the other, they are obligated to share the information in question with them. Other useful, but less significant information should be shared in the spirit of proper communications amongst allies.

[b]Article IV: Aid[/b]
In the event that one signatory finds itself in need of economic, political, or military aid, the other is highly encouraged to provide what aid it is capable of mustering.

[b]Article V: Termination[/b]
Each party reserves the right to terminate this agreement any time. In order to terminate, the party seeking termination must privately notify the other. The treaty shall remain in effect for 72 hours after this notice is given. After the 72 hour window has elapsed, the treaty shall be considered defunct and void.

[b]Signed for Krynn,[/b]

Lord Boris - King
Mirima - First Duchess
Freakster - Duke of War

[b]Signed for Flying Hellfish United,[/b]

Dethkon1 (FHU MoW MoFA)
Herrbesserwisser (FHU DoFHU MoR)

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[quote name='lonewolfe2015' date='26 May 2010 - 06:17 AM' timestamp='1274872623' post='2312269']
Hmmm, I remember FHU, didn't know they still are chugging along. Good treaty here, congrats guys.

Yep, they're still around. Over a year old now, as of a few days ago.

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