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A GRE update

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Not a DoW.
Typically we do not burden you with our election results. However, I felt it prudent to do so during wartime for the sake of clarification.

The GRE Judicator elections have concluded.
Also, the temporary Praetor position has been vacated.

Chill of Kryon is our new Judicator.
I, Matthew PK of Commonwealth of LoL am our new Praetor (serving the remainder of the term).
SynthFG of Fortress is our Executor (though this is not new, just for reference).

You may send flowers and other congratulatory notes to our forums at www.the-gremlins.com

Edited by Matthew PK
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[quote name='Omas Nams' date='04 February 2010 - 11:56 AM' timestamp='1265313371' post='2159219']
Not a fan of announcements but as Matt said, clarification is always good.

I am going to announce every inane detail of everything until the end my term. Don't like it? Should have run against me.

Also, this just in: Omas is awesome.

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[quote name='King Chill I' date='04 February 2010 - 02:05 PM' timestamp='1265313928' post='2159236']
With the burning passion of burning hatred that burns passionately.

That's a lot of burning. Might I suggest a topical cream , or perhaps a antibiotic? :awesome:

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[quote name='Kevin McDonald' date='04 February 2010 - 03:16 PM' timestamp='1265314584' post='2159258']
So does this mean no more Ramirus?

Why do you have crash on him? I was elected for my charming personality and my handsome looks. Ram will still be running the show so dont worry he aint goin nowhere.

Edited by King Chill I
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