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An Announcement from the Sasori Initiative


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If any of you remember our forums, we've had rocky times in the past. We would have days of down time, until it finally peaked at a week straight. Our webmaster assured us that another person with access to the server was not needed, and he would be active enough to take care of them.

This was two and a half months ago. And as of today, our forums have officially been down for three and a half weeks.

Needless to say, we've moved on. Zenith has been amazing, and DK has offered us space on her server. I'm happy to announce that TSI can now be found at www.cnsasori.net, and bets are being taken on how long the www.cntsi.org forums will remain down. I'm going to bet on another month.

We're still getting used to SMF, so bear with us while we get everything sorted. But we would love the company.

So, diplomats, come invade!

With this announcement, I'd also like to spend some time to announce our Government, due to some new appointments. The following is the current government of the Sasori Initiative:

The Empress


The Minister of Foreign Affairs


The Shogun

Chunky Monkey

The Minister of Internal Affairs

The Manbearpig

The Minister of Economics

Kaiser Kevin

The Minister of Recruitment

Lord Cyvole

Come visit, we have cookies.

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