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  1. Sorry for being on the opposite side of the war mister monkey, but I wish you fun and the very best :)

  2. Holy crap I didnt get any notification that you left a note! I literally havent logged into these forums since Vox disbanded. Miss you lots!

  3. Are you still around, monkey? Have a great summer either way ok? :3

  4. Mmmmonkey! :) Happy birthday to you! :)

  5. Wow, thats terrible. I hope you grow out of it soon, you certainly dont deserve this.
  6. So yeah, I just figured I'd send you a com- HOW DO YOU ONLY HAVE 77 PROFILE VIEWS?!?! D:

  7. Moneky! :)

    (Oh god I failed the spelling this time too... Have a hug to make it better please!)

  8. ya man i'm just spamming everyone.

  9. lol sup. I am on IRC you know :P

  10. Hey!!!!


    Your avatar is Something Awful

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