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Red Dawn

Golan 1st

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Fellow people of planet Bob,

On may 11th, the Democractic Alliance of Wise Nations emerged into a cold, sometimes cruel, world. We had only three founding members. The uncertainty was high.

We were not alone. The International welcomed us into this world. Their confidence and trust of us made our early steps possible. They were kind enough to offer us shelter under their wing and gave us a protectorate. DAWN will always be grateful for this support.

Time passed, DAWN grew, strengthened and matured.

DAWN and the International commonly agreed that the time has come to drop the Protectorate agreement and replace it by another, on an equal basis.

It's my pleasure to present this treaty to you:



A treaty between the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations and the International

1. Preamble

The International and the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations, from the beginning of our relationship, have shared mutual respect and close friendship. We also share common commitment to the values of freedom and democracy. This treaty is a reaffirmation of these close relations between the alliances.

2. Non Aggression

The International and the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations hereby commit to settle all disputes in a friendly and respectable manner, in good will and agree to not engage in any act of hostility against each other. These acts of aggression include, but are not limited to any act of war, espionage and any form of severe abuse.

In case of an individual member of any signatory conducting acts of aggression against the other signatory or any of its member, private diplomatic channels will be used to settle the dispute. The offending signatory will take action to stop the violation and inform the offended signatory withing 48 hours of the actions. The offended signatory may demand fair reparations as compensations for actual damages and the offending signatory is bound to pay them.

3. Information

The International and the Democratic Alliance of Wise Nations agree to share any important information related to either signatories. This includes information about threats of war, espionage against the other signatory, signing of binding treaties and any information deemed important to the other signatory by the recognized leadership of the signatory which holds the information.

Both signatories are expected to fulfill their commitments in this clause in good faith and the spirit of friendship.

4. Security and Defence

The signatories may, but are not obliged to intervene in defence of each other if a signatory comes under an unprovoked attacked.

To enact this clause, the attacked signatory shall provide all the information available on the attack and request support. The decision of accepting or denying this request and the measures taken shall be left to the signatory of which help was requested alone.

To clear any doubt, a denial of such request shall not be considered a violation of this treaty.

The help offered to the attacked signatory may include declarations of war, in game spy operations against the aggressor(s), aid in money, technology and soldiers, diplomatic support and PR support on the CN forums, IRC and any other means and actions that may help defence the attacked signatory.

5. Cooperation - General

The signatories shall seek ways to cooperate in any way for the benefit of both sides in the spirit of friendship and good will.

Members of the signatories are encouraged to cooperate in the areas of trades, technology deals, information about game mechanics and any other peaceful way.

6. Termination

This treaty may be canceled by each signatory by a 96 hours notice.

To terminate it, a representative of the signatory wishing to cancel this treaty shall contact a member of the recognized leadership of the other signatory and shall inform them of the intention to terminate this treaty.


Booter, Triumvir

Golan 1st, Triumvir

shilo, Triumvir

Franciscus, Coordinator of Diplomacy

For the International:

The congress of the International

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On behalf of the International, I extend my congratulations to DAWN as they begin this new chapter in their existence. Today they graduate from their status as a protectorate and move forward with INT on equal terms. I see a bright future for this alliance.

INT has your back, guys! Cheers to DAWN!


edit: Shadow King, thanks for ruining my carefully timed and coordinated "first" response :)

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The protectorate status ends, the relationship evolves. I am happy to see this, and my sincerest thanks to INT for being a friend when no one else cared to be.

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