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  1. Now that would be classic NoR form, to be honest.
  2. Unofficially on behalf of the Elesufi, I'd like to commend the fine political minds of Monsters Inc for helping to warm relations between one of our world's biggest rivalries.
  3. BISMELESEF The Libertarian Socialist Federation celebrates its 9th anniversary today. We've come a long way from the first post of Haraldur, but it's pretty much business as usual. We are, and will always be, as Elesef wills it. The Delegates Council
  4. Cheap shots and hollow words, bombs and bullets? [i]This is the best that powindah can muster?[/i]
  5. [quote name='Ayatollah Bromeini' timestamp='1340630847' post='2995800'] Goddamnit I refuse to fight you again. [/quote] Rather curious, this situation.
  6. All of us decided to provoke IRON? Somebody show me the vote thread where we [i]all[/i] agreed to this. If it exists, it'll be one of a handful of unanimous votes in the entire six-year history of the LSF. [i]No, really.[/i]. Do some fact-checking. [OOC]And let me get back to work.[/ooc]
  7. [quote name='Auctor' timestamp='1340332196' post='2992350'] and we all know how well strictly adhering to lsf's charter works for yall [/quote] Powindah will evade the salient issue, in order to fulfill an unsubstantiated sentiment of pride that is, well, lacking. The Elesufi will not surrender. Nordreich will have no peace. Only an unending war. Nordreich need only bow out from this now and avoid an unending struggle that can only end in their defeat.
  8. [quote name='Zombie Glaucon' timestamp='1339989362' post='2987092'] Alliances espousing the two stupidest political regimes ever conceived in the history of mankind going at it? I love it. [/quote] What exactly are those regimes? Also, our own Constitution guarantees that we will be around much longer than the various NoR/NoV AA re-rolls. The world will disappear into blackness long before the Elesufi disbands.
  9. [quote name='shahenshah' timestamp='1339846193' post='2985739'] Finally..you realise your worth. [/quote] Sure beats pixel-hoarding. Every single time.
  10. [quote name='Comrade Mao' timestamp='1339825933' post='2985623'] Bash the fash, comrades. Let the age-old conflict be renewed. [/quote] You're a treat.
  11. [quote name='flak attack' timestamp='1339652691' post='2983038'] And entirely because of their inability to resolve it, as well. [/quote] Or maybe, the [i]will[/i] to do so.
  12. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1338699379' post='2976362'] Anyway, you have a strong nation, realistically I don't assume you fought with LSF that entire time. [/quote] You obviously don't know about Defender of Defenderland. That guy's a bad-ass when it comes to economics and trade organizing. I couldn't have asked for a better trade circle. Anyway, this thread's been good. Very good for the Left. Very good for my old home.
  13. Congrats, NEAT! Proud to have you as allies.
  14. I believe the Left has created the perfect boogeyman. And I applaud INT endorsing this. Also, love the format.
  15. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1338612435' post='2976014'] Freedom? No leftist countries are ever free. That's a whole debate we're not getting into here. You've done nothing for freedom here, certainly not enough to tell me about it. Vox Populi was not a leftist, nor a right wing movement, so if there were members of such view, I didn't see nor hear it. Now if you're referring to Karma, I was not affiliated with that movement whatsoever. When I think back to our membership who stuck around, I can't think of a single Leftist. I can however, think of multiple Nordreich members, notably, Vinzent Zeppelin, and weiss, also known as Captain Flinders. There's no grudge but my political loyalties lie with Nordreich. One of the few alliances which have kept alot of my friends around. And, you guys are coming in here openly hostile crying about pointless crap, stirring up an old rivalry. Of course I'll be here defending them. The best part about it, you both are in the same hegemony. Well played guys. Also, short-lived and moderately successful? No Leftist alliance has ever fought as long as we did. We fought a losing battle, against the most powerful hegemony in history, and persevered until we won. Moderately successful? What have you ever accomplished to call Vox moderately successful? Such a stupid statement. [/quote] Everyone knows Vox Populi was apolitical in the terms of a one-dimensional political spectrum, so, no argument there. I simply know folks from the overall 'Left' who were members of Vox. That's all I was saying, and next time, I'll be more clear. Moot issue, though. Personal ties to Nordreich, then. No argument there. I can count strong allies amongst folks I may have few, if any, political agreements with that I, too, have personal reason to honor and defend, even some folks (like the old Byzantine Empire) who aren't even around anymore. The rivalry isn't as serious as you think. In fact, I think you'll find that even many NoR members are having just as much fun with this as some of those in this thread who could also count themselves amongst 'the Left'. You're looking for a pitched, heated fight where none really exists. And this is coming from someone who has plenty of reason to hold a grudge with NoR but, really, time has since passed, things have changed. This really is just good, clean fun. And the SWF specifically isn't kicking the hornet's nest. I'm allowed to say and think what I feel on these forums as I choose. When you see a formal SWF announcement involving NoR at all, you'll hear what we really have to say. Now, if you're referring to the SWF as being part of the same hegemony, well, you're just dead wrong. The SWF is fairly disconnected from the larger treaty web, and is more or less out of the larger game, so to speak. Consider speaking with members of the International, specifically, if you want to talk about that sort of thing. Also note that the SWF and INT have no real formal relations. And, I would avoid lumping any remotely looking 'leftist' alliances together under a common banner - none exists. We just have similar sounding names and imagery. There was a time, not too long ago, when TGE and NoR had no ties whatsoever but, ask somebody joining the game to tell you the difference, and I doubt they'd be able to tell you much just by going off of names and imagery. And finally, well, this last part seems pretty touchy. What I can say is that, as a former LSFer, we, too, fought a losing war, alone, and persevered until our opposition gave up, or was otherwise obliterated by their own hubris. Not to really make any comparisons, though. These struggles meant different things to different people. Clearly yours meant a lot to yourself, mine meant a lot to me. But there's no comparison. But I take it 'u mad' because you clearly came into this thread envisioning a massive conflict where there simply isn't one. Neither NoR, nor the LSF, are willing to act out the silliness of this thread. But you clearly seem willing to stoke the fires, even at the potential cost of your own alleged ally here.
  16. [quote name='Nemhauser' timestamp='1338584114' post='2975845'] Now all we have to do is wait for Vader to pop up. He and Sindorin seem to switch a lot. [/quote] ...you don't think... [img]http://forums.silverstackers.com/uploads/695_tinfoilhat.jpg[/img]
  17. [quote name='Starfox101' timestamp='1338355944' post='2974408'] This thread took a turn for the worst. Let's all smash the left already. [/quote] The Left was present in your short-lived, yet moderately successful revolt against the Hegemony, in its fullest capacity. New friendships were forged in the fires of that crucible between various Leftist alliances and its opponents on the opposing side of that global conflict. If you're thinking that 'the Left' is the marginalized enclave that it once was, in, oh, say, 2007 or '08, you've clearly lost sight of the nature of things, and your panhandling for a confrontation has done little to distract from the very real concerns regarding imagery that were raised in this thread and, subsequently, the ordeal of Nordreich's response to those concerns. If NATO and the anarchists can not only get along but sign a true treaty of friendship and camaraderie as former foes on the battlefield then, well, what exactly are the grounds for your grudge?
  18. [quote name='Exige' timestamp='1337699621' post='2970646'] any german that doesn't own a pair of lederhose [/quote] I'm sure the 'true Germans' are pleased with your chauvinist remark, friend. Still, a good sense of humor can't go wrong here.
  19. [quote name='Azreal' timestamp='1337696250' post='2970632'] A German that contains less than 75% natural German maybe? [/quote] Are we talking about meat purity or an arbitrary national identity?
  20. [quote name='Alex Thompson' timestamp='1337524189' post='2969818'] Yeah, Sabcat's right. Without fascism, there wouldn't be violent anti-fascism. [/quote] CN Antifa served its purpose. Now, people without a lot of NS can openly question the kind of imagery NoR uses without being booted out of the game via PZI, and NoR trying to gobble up every disaffected Nazi punk crying 'Germanophobia'. There's Nord blood in quite a few members of the Left, I think that argument can safely be put to rest.
  21. All that effort to co-opt our sig banner, and you couldn't even observe a basic grammar rule. This unfortunate travesty is truly a crime against all that is good and honorable in this world, proper expression of ideas and concepts included. Surely the malefaction of Martens and his ilk know no bounds.
  22. A well-deserved congratulations to the Resistance here for their hard-fought gains. NATO is dead, long live NATO.
  23. This is a peculiar bloc that has been particularly pleasing to watch as it slowly grows into a competent and able body of nations. Congratulations, Arizona.
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