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The Declaration of Midnight


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Declaration Of Existence

I - Preamble

1.the Midnight Order is an alliance based on just having fun together as a whole. We will never take anything seriously, unless it’s realistic against us. We are realistically a brown team alliance but in the name of pure fun we don’t care if you change to our main colour or not.

II. Membership

To Join our “Wunderful” Alliance you need to fill out our application form written below

Nation Name:

Nation Ruler:

Nation Link:

How long have you played the game:

What Colour Team is your Nation on?

Are You In Peace Mode?

Previous Alliances:



-Reason for Leaving

What wars have you participated in:

Are you at currently at war?

Any foreign aid transactions you have been involved in over the past 10 days?

Why you want to join the Midnight Order?

Where did you learn about the Midnight Order:

III. Until you are accepted you will stay under the Alliance Affiliation of “Midnight Applicant”.

IV - Rights

I. List of Rights

1. The Right for Protection

2. The Right for Foreign aid agreements

3. The Right to speak out about changes and to disagree

4. The Right to prosper.

5. The Right to a fair trial.

In this trial the member will confide with a valued member who will act as the judge. The member who is the judge will get both sides of the story and send his findings to 3 people, preferably ministers, who will vote on this matter.

V - Government

I. The Leader ship of this alliance is built with two groups. There is the Upper government and the lower government.

The Upper Government always announces treaties with foreign alliances and brings up or considers ideas bought up by lower government.

The Lower government consists of the Ministers of different areas of the alliance. They help the alliance prosper by performing in their desired position.

The Senate is the final Vote of all treaties or declarations of war. The Senate is made up of 5 members and also the Emperor and Imperial Regents.

There are elections for the Minister's position’s every 3 months.

The Emperor is the overlord of the alliance and commands the Minister's and Regent's on how to push the alliance further. The Regents can however, propose other methods.

The Red and Yellow Imperial Regent’s are the two vice leaders of this alliance. They run the everyday dealings within the alliance. They help control external and internal affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs: The MoFA is a Major member in the alliance; his/her job is to deal with other alliances and arranging treaties which will be bought up before the Lord and His Deputy and voted on by the Ministers.

Minister of Finance: The MoFs job is to arrange aid to his/hers fellow members of the alliance, he/she also has to arrange tech deals if the members can’t find tech deals via the forum.

Minister of Recruitment: The MoR’s job is to recruit members he/she sees fit to join our alliance and help us prosper.

Minister Of Interior: The MoI's job is to make sure the alliance knows how to grow there nations properly and the MoI also has to have guides for new members to read

Minister Of Defence: Is the Chief of defence. He/she is the head of the war unit/alliance in times of war. He/she arranges with the Emperor/Regents if we should attack and who.

For a declaration of War the Leaders plus 3 out of 5 Minister's must agree to go to war.

VI. War

1. Tech Raiding: There is no tech raiding allowed in this alliance.

2. If a full member leaves in the time of war, this nation will be marked and asked to rejoin at the end of the war, however if it rejects, it will be ZI’ed once.

3. If a nation is ghosting our alliance affiliation they will be sent a message every 3 days unless they A. leave our affiliation or B. Join our alliance. If they choose none of them and are more than 13 days inactive, we will wait until they leave the game. If none of the above happens, they will be attacked until they leave our Alliance Affiliation

4. We will never do first strike Nuclear attacks unless we are in a defensive war and we or our allies have been Nuked.

VII. Revision

Our charter is, in fact, an evolving document. The time will come when something needs to be changed, namely, a charter revision. The procedure for revising the charter is somewhat different than expected. Instead, any person of power may propose the change in an appropriate thread, along with a poll. The senate revision will be voted on by the senate and under this circumstance, the consuls. If it passes by a 2/3 vote, it will be made final and put into effect.


Leaderofamerica - Emperor

MReds716 - Exterior Imperial Regent

Razorade - Interior Imperial Regent

We would also like to thank the Global Alliance and Treaty Organization for the protectorate :) thanks alot guys :)

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For those asking about a protectorate, if my memory serves me correctly, GATO declared they were protecting them yesterday.

Good luck with the new alliance :)

EDIT: http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=67536 ... for those lazy people who haven't learned to read ;)

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Do you guys serve coffee at midnight?

Get it? cause cause midnight is late at night.

If you want the coffee get over to #MO

and at Logan, If you read the GOONS thread it was all sorted out. PM me in game if you need to know more :)

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