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Announcement from Vires Noctu and Olympus


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Today we come before you bearing a few announcements from Vires Noctu. They are as follows:




"It was Hecate who later ruled over the Arcane and Lunar lore whom Zeus the son of Cronos honored above all. He gave her splendid gifts, to have a share of the earth and the unfruitful sea. She received honor also in starry heaven, and is honored exceedingly by the deathless gods. For to this day, whenever any one of men on earth offers rich sacrifices and prays for favor according to custom, he calls upon Hecate. Great honor comes full easily to him whose prayers the goddess receives favorably, and she bestows wealth upon him; for the power surely is with her. For as many as were born of Earth and Ocean amongst all these she has her due portion. The son of Cronos did her no wrong nor took anything away of all that was her portion among the former Titan gods: but she holds, as the division was at the first from the beginning, privilege both in earth, and in heaven, and in sea."

Article 1:

It’s not as though this actually needs to be said but both Olympus and Vires Noctu shall refrain from engaging in acts of hostility towards each other. Any nation belonging to either signatory found to be in violation of this article will be ordered to offer peace and an agreement shall be arranged that incorporates reparations. Any nation failing to comply with those arrangements will be dealt with according to each alliances policy. Any matters shall be dealt with swiftly and privately and all will face the wrath of the Night Mother.

Article 2:

Again it’s not like this really needs to be said but neither Olympus nor Vires Ncotu will engage in acts of espionage against one another. Information regarding each others security gained shall be shared.

Article 3:

The Night Mother herself has cast her blessing on both Olympus and Vires Noctu and as such their memberships shall address each other in an amicable and pleasant manners at all times.

Article 4:

Should either Olympus or Vires Noctu become involved in a defensive war, they may request for assistance in the means of military force, financial aid, or other assistance from their fellow signatory. This is an optional decision but is encouraged as good gestures promote lasting friendship. Those that may dare to transgress against either shall face the onslaught of the Celestial Hordes.

Article 5:

In the event of a signatory requesting this treaty to be activated, let it be known it stands outside of Pegasus and will not require the activation of Pegasus as a whole

Article 6:

Should things not work out and no agreements can be made to stop this treaty from ending, 48 hours notice of cancellation shall be given by the acting signatory. Each will part with the continued blessings of the Night Mother.

Article 7:

Any violation of these terms shall be considered an illegal violation of this treaty, and as stipulated in Article 5, a 48 hour notice may be given to the offending party by the other.

/s/ on behalf of Olympus

Council of Titans

Buffalo Niagara


Masons Child



/s/ on behalf of Vires Noctu

The Eye of Midnight: Wentworth

The Soul of Midnight: HP Wingfoot

The Wrath of Midnight: Tristan the Hammer

Dread Minister of Foreign Affairs: Tithan

Also we have surpassed the 20 member marker, and while not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, it is an occasion we are proud of. May we continue to grow and prosper on Digiterra.


Recently, while combing through a secluded ritual sight hidden deep within the daunting forests of northern England, archeologists uncovered the hidden entrance to a long forgotten tomb. Upon further investigation, many scrolls, paintings and other artifacts were removed for study. While the majority of the texts have yet to be translated (they appear to be written in a dead language), one important one stands out. It is the tale of Azrael Renelgrin and the events surrounding the founding of Vires Noctu.

Editor's note: The orator of the following speech is said to be Azreal himself. This is thought to be a transcript of the speech he made on the Night of Never-ending Eclipse.

'My brothers and sisters. Tonight we stand victorious. Our Celestial Hordes have utterly destroyed the Iranthians, pushing them off our land and back into the cesspool of Iranthia. Their king has knelt before me this day, surrendering his rule to Me. To us. The once strong and courageous leader of one of the most powerful kingdoms on Digiterra now grovelled before me asking for forgiveness and mercy. Did he show mercy when he ravaged our lands, burnt our temples to the ground and forced us to retreat into the shadows? No.

When we were forced to hide amongst the shadows, something happened. We thanked the Goddess of Night for giving us respite from our enemy. She healed us, kept us safe from harm. She took us into her shadowy arms and taught us the secrets of the night, secrets mere mortals will never know. She granted us eternal life, so we may take vengeance upon our enemies for millennia to come. For this we are forever in debt. Never forget the beauty of her majesty. Never forget the strength and the wisdom you now possess, and never forget the most wonderful gift we will have ever received. Remember the day of your awakening, the feeling as your flesh hardened, your blood evaporated and your heart turned to stone. With this power, we are granted rule over all lands far and wide.

As for Iranthia. One hundred of their finest filth have been selected to travel the lands and warn the others of what happens this night. They will watch as we strike down everything they hold dear and watch as the streets run red with the blood of their friends and family. No one is to be spared. Show no mercy and spare no brutality. When they beg for death, give it to them, but let the fire in your eyes be the last sight they see. Poor wretched souls. They believe that to die will end their pain and suffering. Fools! This eternal night has just begun! When they breathe their last it will be the Night Mother who receives her offering.

When the last of their screams finishes echoing in the night sky, we will send the survivors off to the four corners of the world. Their message? We are coming. We are coming for them all and there is nowhere to hide. Tonight marks the beginning of Vires Noctu and our never-ending reign.

When night blankets the Earth, we rise to rule.

tl;dr Olympus-VN ODP, 20 members, cool story bro.

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