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A Brief Announcement from M*A*S*H

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Today we announce the creation of a new medal. But this is not just any medal, for it cannot be awarded to a M*A*S*H member.


Instead, it is awarded by the Commanding Generals of M*A*S*H for diplomatic service by non-M*A*S*H members in the furtherance of peace and progress to M*A*S*H. This is our highest non-member honor, and today, 8 July 2009, we award the M*A*S*H Foreign Diplomacy Cross to:

Momonishiki, of the Grand Global Alliance, for taking the initiative in the post-war era to help M*A*S*H get to know them, and to help facilitate the beginning of the process of bringing the Grand Global Alliance into its own. His hard work resulted in initiating talks which culminated in the creation of the first ever treaty between M*A*S*H and a (former) member of the Hegemony.

JGoods45, of Athens, for keeping the lines of communications open, and initiating the process of upgrading a low level throwaway treaty to the full MoADP that M*A*S*H enjoys today. His constant work in cementing ties between us is hereby recognised.

King William IV, formerly of The Legion, currently of The Untouchables, for his work in creating a space of equality between M*A*S*H and The Legion. Although he failed to convince the Officer Corps of M*A*S*H to join The Legion in defense of the New Pacific Order, his calm work kept drama between M*A*S*H and its oldest treaty partner to an absolute minimum. His work in this area is hereby recognised.

To the recipients of this award, we salute you!

Col. Fitswilliam, Commanding General, Mighty Armed States of Honor

Flonker, Commanding General, Mighty Armed States of Honor

RpR Francheezi, Commanding General, Mighty Armed States of Honor

Edited by Flonker
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Congrats to everyone else who got one and thank you M*A*S*H and specifically Dran, Fits, Flonker, and boomer whom I definitely appreciate staying calm even when I got a little upset in those talks.

o/ M*A*S*H

Best trick to staying calm is ignoring the situation and singing "it's a small world" in your head. Trust me, it works like a charm.

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Its time someone gave Jgoods credit for treatying any alliance he can get his hands on :P


o/ Jgoods

Hey, we might've been cheap, but we weren't easy. JGoods hadda WORK to get us to sign our lives away^F^F^Fon the dotted line.

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Congratulations to Momonishiki for this high honor. He was absolutely essential to the completion of this treaty, and continues to prove himself as an excellent Minister of Foreign Affairs. We are pleased that he took such an active role in these negotiations. Good job Momo!

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